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Engineered wood panels


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DREVONAEXPORT has been active in the furniture market as a supplier of semi-finished engineered wooden boards for 18 years. Over the years, the company has continued to add value in its product range by supplying an ever wider selection of products.

“Where we started out simply producing large format panels for the customer to cut to size, now we produce tailor-made shapes,” says CEO and co-owner Ivan Smolka, who has been with the company since the beginning. “From 2007 onwards we have enjoyed annual growth of 20% thanks to our focus on engineered boards and unusual shapes.”

Having invested in a state-of-the-art cutting center, DREVONAEXPORT has come to specialize in rounded corners and obtuse or acute angles. “We are the place to go for kitchens and furniture that eschews right angles,” says Mr. Smolka. “We are the preferred port of call for designers of ergonomic and fluid kitchens and sofas. Our goal was to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market and thereby carve out our own niche.”

This has been achieved through the focus on highly versatile engineered wooden boards such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) hardboard (HDF), chipboard, plywood and OSB board. Boards are delivered cut to size as required and either raw or coated.

“Different types of board are suitable for different types of coating,” explains Mr. Smolka. “For example, hardboard is particularly well-suited to being lacquered because of its absolutely smooth surface and extreme hardness. It is made from exploded wood fibers that have been highly compressed and is subsequently even denser, stronger and harder than ordinary particle board or medium-density fiberboard.”

Chipboard and MDF on the other hand are supplied with a melamine coating to make a robust, hardwearing surface that is ideally suited for the stresses of everyday use in the kitchen or office. Melamine coatings are available in a virtually endless range of wood imitation finishes for a surface that is easy to care for and beautiful to look at.

In addition to expanding its range of products and manufacturing capabilities, DREVONAEXPORT has also invested in production capacity so that it now supplies 170 truckloads of wood panels to customers each month. “We enjoy excellent relationships with our suppliers and can guarantee ontime deliveries,” says Mr. Smolka. “We also maintain emergency stocks and can handle unusual requests, special formats and materials. Furthermore, we can produce anything from a single item to large series batches of up to 1,000 items.”

Around 60% of production is destined for customers in the domestic market but DREVONAEXPORT is also active worldwide from the USA to Japan. However, it still has big ambitions for further growth. “2018 will see us capitalize on our increased production capacity as well as explore the possibilities presented by new materials,” says Mr. Smolka. “For example, high pressure laminate (HPL) panels offer our customers even more options for avant garde designs.”

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