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Customer-oriented investments


The Polish economy is one of the most successful in Eastern Europe and this growth in wealth is ranslating directly into increased demand for financial advice and investment products. DSA has traditionally focused on private individuals, initally with pension funds. However, since changes to government rules madethis no longer possible, it now offers investment products that allow customers to put money aside for their retirement in other forms.

“Pension investments are the backbone of our business, and we have developed a number of flexible products that allow clients to make the most of their savings,” says Investment Analyst Elzbieta Boryn. “We use our experience to offer our clients the best possible investment advice as well as providing financial support for small and medium-sized companies.”

Confirmation of the quality of DSA’s services came in the form of the 2010 Polish Laur Konsumenta Award, which is a consumer award that substantiates the solid position of the DSA brand among consumers. Financial and legal services are the core business of DSA Financial Group, but the group as a whole has its finger in a number of different pies.

The group now comprises around 20 different companies, covering a diverse array of activities. One of the largest of these is Votum S.A., which also has subsidiaries in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Votum is involved in extending legal, medical and financial help to victims of traffic accidents.

“Votum is the biggest financial compensation company in Poland and specializes in helping accident victims obtain compensation from insurers,” explains Ms. Boryn. “Votum has been listed on the stock market since 2010 and in 2012 declared one of the highest dividend yields for investors in the market.”

Other companies in the DSA Group include CTE SA, which successfully deals with real estate, and Redeem Sp. z o. o., a dynamically growing debt collection organization in Poland. The group is also home to a real estate developer, an online shop, the football club MKS Miedź Legnica, the chess club Polonia Wrocław, a cycling club and a medical rehabilitation center.

“We have a very diverse portfolio of interests that reflect the ethos and values of the company,” says Ms. Boryn. “We sponsor a lot of sporting activities and are not solely focused on putting profits above all else. This makes it a very exciting company to work for and gives me a great deal of job satisfaction.”

Employee fluctuation is generally low with most employees having been with the company since the beginning. This is also unusual for a company in the financial services market, which is often characterized by quite aggressive headhunting.

The strategy for the company’s future is to look to the long term. Any investment in the stock market has to be looked at in this way. “The Polish market is quite vulnerable to what happens beyond its eastern borders, which can lead to short-term fluctuations,” says Ms. Boryn. “We have to look five or seven years ahead if we want to guarantee a good return on investment. Over the long term, the stock market always rises.”

This seems to be the message DAS Financial Group’s customers are coming away with. The company does not engage in high profile marketing, preferring to win new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

What it does communicate succesfully is an ethos which values ethics and the individual and not just institutional profits. “We treat everyone the same – customers, shareholders and the community,” says Ms. Boryn. “In this way, we can continue to grow in an ethical, sustainable and successful way.”

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