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Bringing space to life


Every day we move through and within a variety of spaces – space in which we live, recreational space, space for work, learning, shopping or to wait. Because different spaces serve different purposes, it only makes sense that they are designed according to their usage. This becomes particularly tricky if the use of a space varies within the day. In Finland, dSign Vertti Kivi & Co in Helsinki is the address to go to when it comes to magnificent, high-quality interior design. Since its foundation, the company has implemented an impressive number of projects, and now the flourishing business is expanding abroad.

Since CEO and Creative Director Vertti Kivi founded the company in 1994, dSign Vertti Kivi has been growing continuously. “In the last 20 years, we have implemented 800 projects, in Scandinavia and internationally,” Mr. Kivi contentedly sums up his company’s success. On dSign’s long reference list are designs for office spaces and company headquarters, retail shops and shopping malls including the FinnAir lounges and shops, hotels such as the Hilton Hotel in Tallinn, public spaces and residential homes.

“We have also just launched a huge project designing the interior for a line of cruise ships,” adds the CEO. One of the company milestones that sets it apart from the market is its space alive™ concept. This unique concept turns areas into multifunctional spaces by making them change according to emotions and physical moods, depending on the time of day, nature moods or the season.

“This is achieved by changing physical elements in the interior, for example extra lamps coming out of or hiding in the ceiling, colours changing, items being moved and turned,” explains Mr. Kivi. “All this is done through small computercontrolled motors. Space alive™ is very flexible and gives tremendous possibilities to the owners. It has been used in the Microsoft headquarters in Helsinki as well as in the Viking Grace cruise ship.”

It goes without saying that in all designs, only high-quality materials are used, and sustainability is an important topic for dSign. Space alive™ will also be a topic in Dubai where dSign recently opened an office. With the world expo 2020 taking place here and around 200 new hotels being built in the next six years, the company sees plenty of business opportunities in the city on the Persian Gulf. dSign Vertti Kivi & Co employs 22 members of staff in Helsinki and Dubai and turns over 3.5 million EUR annually.

“Our staff is our greatest asset, they are fantastic,” emphasizes Mr. Kivi. Serving a wide variety of customers, it is dSign’s most important means of marketing to meet possible customers personally, with its reference list of successfully finished projects speaking for itself. “For us it is most important to always be innovative and excited about every project we take on,” says the CEO.

“We put a lot of positive energy into our work, always challenging ourselves.” The joy and love for his work beams through the creative director’s voice as he speaks. “We are looking forward to the coming years. We love the specific challenges that small and large clients bring. And we are lucky – the big companies give us their biggest problems. We find the best solutions and go forward.”

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