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A distributor with a focus


“We try to understand what the strategy and the propositions of our partners are and help them to be more successful,” points out Sven Groot, Commercial Director Dupaco within Ingram Micro which took over Dupaco Distribution in 2015.

As a true value added distributor, Dupaco Distribution has been involved in training and educating Dupaco’s partners and facilitating training for these partners on all levels, sales, technical and marketing.

“We focus on training, adaption, go-to-market plans and aim to fill in our partners’ gaps and adapt their proposition and strategy,” says Mr. Groot. In general, Dupaco Distribution concentrates on five key business units – enterprise open source, systems and information management, management software, data security and connectivity.

“We touch every aspect in the IT landscape. You name it and we have the matrix,” adds Mr. Groot. “Important topics for us, right now, are hyper-converged storage, storage, security, migration to the cloud and enterprise open source.”

Dupaco Distribution is aware that it is active in a highly dynamic world, which is characterized by a high level of innovation. “The industry offers a lot of opportunities and I, personally, like to build new markets, new things, with energetic people,” stresses Mr. Groot.

Dupaco Distribution can look back on more than 30 years in the market. The company experienced a restructuring in 2006, followed by profitable years, before Dupaco Distribution was aquired by Ingram Micro. “Last 4 years we have seen substainable growth year over year in revenue an profit, 2016 was our best year ever,” points out Mr. Groot.

Dupaco Distribution was acquired by Ingram Micro because it became too big for its existing structure. Now, under the direction of Ingram Micro, the world’s largest distributor of computer and technology products and enterprise software, Dupaco Distribution has experienced strong growth. It has grown even faster than it did before.

“We still follow our philosophy of providing innovative products and solutions that we aim to sell through partners in the market. We want to try to find a way to actually sell our products on a recurring basis,” states Mr. Groot.

Dupaco Distribution with 30 employees and a turnover that has amounted to 50 million EUR, has become a success in the software market. “We have a strong partnership with our partners, with direct connections to their contact person within the oganization,” points out Mr. Groot. “We are keen partnership builders we keep our promises and our customers appreciate this approach.”

Among the company’s partners are system integrators, including all the leading names as well as smaller ones, shared service partners and hosting providers. In the coming years, Dupaco Distribution is determined to show the world that Ingram Micro is a true value added distributor. Ingram will deliver the same value proposition as its new subsidiary.

“Our parent company made the acquisition to ensure that it will be able to offer an added value with a team of dedicated people,” concludes Mr. Groot.

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