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Chemistry makes the difference


The company deals in chemicals, mainly solvents, and delivers them to customers on every continent. It stocks a vast range of products and prides itself on its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requirements.

DutCH2 has enhanced this capability by creating its own logistical service provider, which ensures complete flexibility when it comes to distribution. Within Europe, DutCH2 is able to supply in bulk, break bulk, tank trucks, IBCs and drums.

The firm’s international export staff can organize deliveries in drums, IBCs, flexi tanks and ISO tanks. Chemicals are sourced from a network of reliable producers within Europe and the Far East, and DutCH2, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified, guarantees top-quality products with logistical support tailored to meet its customers individual needs.

The company has offtake agreements in place with a number of producers globally. “We are relatively small, and we can supply all types of packaging,” explains Managing Director Steven Willekes. “Our people are enterprising and dedicated, and build strong relationships with suppliers and clients. Our customers expect us to stock a wide portfolio of products because their orders have to be delivered quickly, and our efficient staff ensure that goods are available when and where they are needed.”

The size of the company is its biggest advantage. “We have a lean structure,” says Mr. Willekes. “We try to ship all cargo within ten days. We can load the products within two days, often even on the same day. Our team has a lot of industry experience, and we are currently looking for experienced people with a commercial focus who can support our continued growth. We constantly strive to get close to the end markets of our customers and suppliers.”

Clients include producers of  paint, coatings, adhesives, inks, resins and polymers. Export plays a huge role in the company’s success; 50% of its orders are from outside of Europe, for example Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The firm’s strength lies in diversification in terms of target markets, and it does not focus on any specific area or country but actively seeks out opportunities for growth in all corners of the world. Europe, however, as its home base, continues to be DutCH2’s most important market.

The industry is fast moving and constantly developing. It is dependent, to a large extent, on exchange rates and oil prices.  It is good for our export department when the euro is weak,” points out Mr. Willekes. “However, when oil prices fall, our customers are more cautious in their purchasing activities. At the moment the market is buoyant. In March 2016 order volumes increased, and overall the company has achieved a 20% growth in volume over the last three years.”

DutCH2 was founded ten years ago as HRC Chemicals, a chemical  istributor which sold packed products to the European market. Following Mr. Willekes arrival almost four years ago, the organization began exporting internationally and gradually transitioned its position as a European distributor into that of a global player, and also started to develop a more professional profile.

In November of 2015, the company moved into new offices and changed its name to DutCH2, which has received a very positive reaction from clients. With an annual turnover which has increased year on year to over 20 million EUR, DutCH2 is aiming for further growth through its talented staff and a keen eye for commercial opportunities.

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