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From supplier to material designer


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“Regularly customers arrive at Dynatec with finalized drawings and assembly process before we get involved. However, if we are able to co-design the product, it might become less expensive and more satisfying for the customer in the end.”

This statement by Jean-Michel Meyer, Sales and Logistics Director, sets the scene for Dynatec’s competence in high-precision machining, drawing on 50 years of experience. However, the beginning was slightly humbler, as Dynatec first specialized solely in the distribution of synthetic materials, which were not well known and less common in those days.

“Our products were soon sought after by key industries which showed great interest in these synthetic materials, and we decided to add production to our portfolio,” says Mr. Meyer. “Until three to four years ago, the main focus was still on supply, but this has gradually changed, and we are now more and more involved in the design according to our customers’ products before manufacturing them.”

For a few years now, Dynatec has improved its added-value chain in order to offer a full range of services, including design assistance and quality checks, with materials management and programming. “We focus on product concepts in cooperation with the customer,” adds Mr. Meyer. “In addition, we are developing new mixed materials, such as thermoplastics with carbon fibres, derived from aeronautics. The development of this new generation of materials allows for a differentiation in the market and makes us more independent from unit pricing.”

In recent years, Dynatec, with a team of 40 people, has experienced constant two-digit growth. Today, it offers a wide range of innovative materials, including various material types, structures and performance characteristics. It also provides material combinations which, in general, are not necessarily compatible.

Jean-Michel Meyer
We focus on new material composites with very innovative solutions. Jean-Michel MeyerSales and Logistics Director

The company is closely intertwined with customers from watchmaking, the medical and aeronautics sectors and machining. “We have become a respected address for manufacturing competence with regard to composites and synthetic materials. This has become our competitive advantage.”

Dynatec has customers in all parts of Europe, but Switzerland has remained its key market. “We are working on various orders from Swiss customers, and this is why we have not shifted our main focus to the international market right now. Having said that, we have established multiple PR-related activities, most of which we are undertaking ourselves. As our target markets are clearly defined, the main actors are easily identified. There is no necessity for a wide range of marketing and advertising activities. It is much more effective to target our special segments directly,” explains Mr. Meyer.

In June, Dynatec was present at the EPHJ in Geneva, the world’s largest high-precision trade show that addresses professionals from watchmaking and jewellery, micro-technologies and medical technologies. “We have introduced a new innovation in medical technology using composite materials. Furthermore, we are working on new colours and shapes, including new production methods in order to support our customers’ desire for innovation,” stresses Mr. Meyer.

For Dynatec, new environmental standards have top priority, as the company is very environmentally minded. “We favour maximum recycling, it is not always easy, yet highly desirable,” emphasizes Mr. Meyer. For the coming years, the company is eager to remain at the top of its market.

“In Switzerland, we have to adhere to high standards. Poor quality or performance is simply not good enough but we have to play in the top league in order to succeed,” says Mr. Meyer. “Every day, we try to find practical solutions. We will introduce additive manufacturing, and we operate a machine park with machines that are modified to meet our special machining requirements.”

The company can rely on committed and highly loyal staff. “Most of our employees have been working for us for years. On the one hand, it is difficult to find new staff, but due to our good reputation in the market, we are able to secure the right kind of specialists,” states Mr. Meyer.

For the coming year, the production of its own materials as well as continued growth are high on the company’s agenda. Dynatec is also determined to adjust its inner structures to future developments.

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