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E 2 M K is characterized by open-mindedness and flexibility. “To us, standing still means moving backwards,” sums up Managing Director Philippe Pierron. “Thanks to this philosophy we have grown significantly over recent years. We adapt to market demands without losing sight of our values.”

This flexibility has been a pivotal trademark since the early days. When Mr. Kurt founded the company in 1995, he was driven by the desire to have his own company. He first concentrated on classical woodworking, and eventually seized the moment and shifted the focus.

“There was this moment when a Center Parcs was built close to the company,” explains Mr. Pierron. “We received an order to build 10,000 windows for the center’s cottages. It was a challenging project that definitely spurred our development. It took us two years to complete the project and encouraged us to concentrate on window manufacturing.”

Today, E 2 M K has 50 employees, manufactures windows from aluminium and PVC, and is still owned and run by the founder’s family. “Every family member has a specific role within the company,” states Mr. Pierron. “We all share the same vision which makes us really strong. Mr. Kurt has always considered the company as his extended family and wanted to rely on qualified, satisfied and loyal employees. And he reached his goal.”

Philippe Pierron
Customers are looking for reliable partners and quality has become more and more important. We constantly adapt to new standards and regulations in terms of quality. Philippe PierronManaging Director

E 2 M K manufactures windows for schools, office buildings or shopping centers and is widely recognized for its quality products. “We mainly work with aluminium from selected European suppliers,” points out Mr. Pierron. “The material is easy to maintain, hard-wearing, affordable and eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. We care about the environment and sustainability plays a crucial role for us. On top of that, aluminium is a very elegant material and therefore perfectly combines aesthetics, function and sustainability.”

In the Picardy region, E 2 M K is the largest company in its sector, with sales that have increased from 5.8 million EUR in 2018 to the 6.5 million expected in 2019. “Since 2016, we have grown by 10% each year,” underlines Mr. Pierron. “We are regional leaders; ten years ago, nobody would have expected this. However, not everything is about growth. We care about our employees and about our customers. We aim to implement individual ideas and are constantly working on improved solutions that create added value. We want loyal customers and honesty is essential for us.” E 2 M K is keen to grow further – in France and abroad – but not at any price.