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Eaton Power Quality Oy is a member of the worldwide Eaton Corporation. The Finnish company is known as the Critical Power Solutions (CPS) business unit, part of the Power Quality division, and specializes in three-phase UPS equipment. “In addition to blackouts there are several other power problems such as power sags and surges, under- and overvoltage or frequency variation that can impair the functionality of sensitive electronics,” points out Marketing Manager Teppo Henttonen, who joined Eaton in 2004.

“The UPS equipment Eaton manufactures in Finland uses double conversion technology, and is sold to data centers, general industry, hospitals and the marine sector – anywhere where an uninterrupted power supply is crucial. For example some of the world’s largest cruise ships manufactured in Europe use Eaton UPS equipment built in Finland.”

Eaton’s CPS team supports customers in selecting and designing a suitable solution and can organize factory acceptance tests if needed. Eaton has a wide global network of field service engineers dedicated to UPS equipment.

Owners of the Eaton UPS with UPS-as-a-reserve functionality can utilize the UPS to generate revenues. Teppo HenttonenMarketing Manager

They can support customers from commissioning to maintenance and repair services. Sustainability is also a key theme; the Eaton manufacturing plant in Finland produces zero waste to landfill, the plant uses CO2-free electricity and in equipment testing losses are minimized by using Eaton’s own technology to circulate energy. The company has even created a unique UPS-as-a-reserve functionality making the UPS capable to provide grid support. This function helps to compensate the volatility in the power grid caused by the use of renewable energy.

Owners of the Eaton UPS with UPS-as-a-reserve functionality can utilize the UPS to generate revenues as asset owners are paid by participating in the grid compensation. “Technology is continually advancing; there will be more services, 5G communication, and apps where latency is crucial,” stresses Mr. Henttonen. “Although large data centers are being built, smaller EDGE centers, which help to keep latency shorter and make the net less surcharged, will become more important. We have a wide variety of products which can be used by all types of data centers or any other application requiring uninterrupted power. Our equipment has the built-in functionality to keep the system level design safe and we focus on keeping the total cost of owning our equipment low. We have great experience in helping customers design the optimal solution for their needs.”