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Clockwork precision


“We are still a family company. Together with my father, who founded the company in 1983, I have been responsible for the manufacture of watchmaking and microtechnical components,” stresses Commercial Director Géraldine Ryser-Voumard.

While in the early years, Précis-Trame, the initial name, concentrated fully on movement blank production, it soon opened a machines department that focused on the development of machines and tools for its production.

“In 2002, we set up two independent companies. Precitrame Machines is now managed by my brother, which helps to shorten reaction times if a machine has to be developed or an existing one remodelled,” points out Ms. Ryser-Voumard.

Although initially the focus was on the watchmaking industry, Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame has diversified its activities and now works for various customers from precision engineering, including the connectors and the microelectronics industries. It is also involved in stamping. However, the company still generates 70% of its turnover in the watchmaking sector.

“About 90% of our products are made of brass or related materials, despite our ability to process other materials like iron as well. We offer small and large serial production, ranging from just ten pieces to one million. We work according to customer specifications,” says Ms. Ryser-Voumard.

For each new type of movement, an individual plan is set up, followed by precise processing. “Our CNC machines, which are made by my brother’s company, are able to carry out different processes on different components simultaneously. So, for instance, one machine is working on 8 to 16 parts simultaneously and can process different steps one after the other, resulting in finished parts every 30 seconds,” explains Ms. Ryser-Voumard.

Despite the fact that the company’s current export rate is still relatively low, Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame predicts great potential for international expansion due to its diversified portfolio.

Modern machinery, longstanding experience in micromechanics and strong customer orientation are excellent prerequisites for conquering the future.

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