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We care about clean water


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Water is an issue that crosses borders and will turn into one of the  most pressing challenges of our time. “It is a fundamental commodity and possibly the number one raw material on our planet. We often handle water without much consideration and thought,” points out General Director Dott. Ing. Matteo Frizzoni. “For instance, the public water supply system in our country still loses about 30 to 50% of water, which shows that there will always be demand for efficient solutions in the years to come.”

Over the past 40 years, Ecomacchine has concentrated on its strength in planning and developing highly efficient waste water treatment machines. “Milestones in our corporate development were the transition from hand-drawn drafts to CAD computing and the introduction of 3D CAD from 2010/2012 on,” explains Mr. Frizzoni. “Both were significant for our development, as we focus on customized machines that meet individual requirements. All our machines are different.”

Ecomacchine’s main strategy is to provide a full service, ranging from initial sketch to after-sales services. “Even maintenance and repair are important features of our service portfolio. It is all about keeping in close contact with the customer,” notes Mr. Frizzoni.

Ecomacchine primarily addresses customers from the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the oil and gas, steel work, electrical energy and food sectors. Due to its broad portfolio, the family business, with its 25 staff members and a turnover of eight million EUR, is able to supply almost any requested machine.

“Our machines are powerful and designed to function in any environment. We have managed to establish ourselves as a leading name internationally,” says Mr. Frizzoni. “We are active all over the globe. However, we can deploy technical competence locally. Ecomacchine is a manufacturer in the first place but we also have the know-how and in-house expertise from our engineers to tackle complex problems such as processes of bio-chemical and biological treatment.”

In the coming years, Ecomacchine wants to increase its export rate, which already amounts to 50%. It cooperates with large contractors that operate globally. “We will move to new premises nearby with a better infrastructure,” stresses Mr. Frizzoni. “I personally would like to introduce new solutions like sludge treatment machines, which will open up new markets for our design and manufacturing capacities.”