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”We develop, produce, sell and market our own e-bikes, so we are true specialists,” Mårten Nydahl observes. He started as CEO at EcoRide in 2017, when the company was just ten years old. “Our founder Martin Wällerang started the company at the right time, and created great products and our great brand EcoRide.”

The company’s founder was 21 when he first went to China to learn the language. He saw e-bikes there and imported several of them. After three years he moved entirely to China in order to start his own assembly factory, while his brother took over the Swedish side of the business.

In 2014 the premium brand Wällerang was introduced, which is sold not only in the Nordic region but throughout the world. In 2018 the ProNordic Group was formed, with EcoRide as its largest subsidiary. EcoRide also produces e-bikes for OEM customers in Great Britain, Australia and the United States. Sweden and Norway are the company’s main markets and in its home market, EcoRide is one of the biggest companies.

“In Sweden we have both B2C and B2B clients,” adds Mr. Nydahl. “We have four shops of our own, which is a great channel to sell e-bikes, and we have our own webshop, but our dealers are our most important customers.”

The CEO notes that the market for e-bikes has grown rapidly in the last decade. In 2007, only 173,000 e-bikes were sold in Europe, compared to two million e-bikes in 2017. In this fast-growing market, it is a challenge to keep pace.

Mårten Nydahl
The e-bike industry is growing and I feel we are taking part in making the world a better place Mårten NydahlCEO

When Mr. Nydahl started working in the sector, many people had never heard of e-bikes. Today most people know about them or even have one themselves. This means the message is no longer about the reasons to buy an ebike, but about the reasons to buy an EcoRide or Wällerang e-bike.

The CEO enjoys working in the industry of electric bicycles. “This sector is about sustainability and care for the environment, and that attracts young people,” he states. “In Sweden, many of them don’t even get their driving license anymore, but use their e-bike and public transport instead.”

In addition, the CEO observes that people who haven’t tried an e-bike before, usually come back smiling after a test ride. EcoRide is a high quality brand for adults, with e-bikes in different models, sizes and colours. Most bicycles are used within the urban environment. They are powered with a 0,25 kW engine, which allows for the maximum speed of 25 km/h in Europe and the maximum speed of 32 km/h in the United States. The company is continuously investing to improveits e-bikes even more.

“We compete with many good companies and are offering our customers very high quality and an immaculate service,” says Mr. Nydahl. “For our B2B customers it is easy to work with us, because our e-bikes have been voted to be the best in several tests, and that is the best advertisement we can have.”

For EcoRide, communication with the consumers who buy its e-bikes is key. Social media are ideal as both a marketing tool and a way to give consumers the opportunity to contact the company directly. The CEO notes that they are contacted quite a lot via platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

“So far, we have been using online activities mainly for marketing and brand awareness,” Mr. Nydahl adds. “In Sweden, internet is not the main sales channel yet, but it is the one that grows fastest.”