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Keeping the air and water clean


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The company’s main method for handling smaller amounts of wastewater is BIOCLERE. This technology originates in Finland and is now manufactured in Poland. It is a simple septic tank combined with a biological treatment set-up that is comprised of a tank for mechanical separation, and a filter unit for the biological treatment process.

“Organic material is transformed into sludge biomass and stored for digestion and removal, whilst treated effluent can then be discharged safely to the soil or surface water,” explains Krzysztof Tiunajtis, Chairman of the Board. Supplementary stages can be added to provide fully nitrified final effluent or phosphate removal and the system is sealed and insulated to minimize the impact of seasonal temperature variations on the treatment process.

A second water treatment service Ekofinn-Pol offers customers is sludge management. The firm has been partnered with Italian-based Teknofanghi since 1992, and through this partnership, has several sludge handling methods.

The DRAIMAD system dewaters and bags sludge from industrial effluent and wastewater plants. The SCRUDRAIN system thickens the sludge and is used to increase the sludge concentration for biogas reactors, thus enabling the use of smaller reactors. This equipment can also be used to remove coarse material, such as fibers in the textile industry.

“The area we’ve really helped revolutionize across Poland is the elimination of sludge drying fields that were commonly used throughout the country,” adds Mr. Tiunajtis. “Our systems for sludge dewatering, in one enclosure, separated from the general environment, reduces environmental pollution.”

Today the use of our small MONOBELT belt presses carries out the process of sludge dewatering in ever more environment and user-friendly conditions. Ekofinn-Pol is not only helping to make the environment cleaner via its wastewater treatment and sludge management techniques, but actively does so with its air purification systems utilizing biofilters, gas adsorption or photocatalytic technologies.

These products have been designed for the odour neutralization of the air discharged from municipal and industrial plants. “In the biological process of air purification, odours are removed by means of specialized micro-organisms immobilized into a natural bed,” says Mr. Tiunajtis.

Factors such as the proper bed structure, the correctly chosen micro-organisms, the size of appliances, humidity and temperature all influence the process. The latest technology is based on photocatalytic oxidation of odour gas substances with ozone produced by UV lamps.

The firm is passionate about its work and takes the health and well-being of people and the environment very seriously. Plans for the future include, developing a new kind of screw press, and increasing its activities in sludge granulation. The company will continue to provide exceptional after sales service and remain a reliable partner to the companies it cooperates with and the clients it serves. “We stick to our principles. Honesty is key,” adds Mr. Tiunajtis.

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