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Electroclass SAS was founded almost 40 years ago out of two companies specializing in the production of automated filing systems. However, the company rejuvenated itself in 2000 through a management buy-out and a complete split-off from its former mother company.

“Electroclass has been almost completely reinvented to face the competition; many things have changed since,” says Dominique Zorzetto, General Manager, who has worked for the company since 1991. “We had to find our feet, our place in the market, and decide on a product range that we wanted to offer. Decentralizing part of the production to Poland also made a difference and made us more flexible.”

Flexibility and dynamic drive are generally important aspects at Electroclass, for the company as well as for Mr. Zorzetto personally. “I want to inspire my team,” he explains. “We are a hyper-motivated company, with a strong culture and lots of young, skilled employees who are keen to put their own mark on the company and make it even more successful.”

Clients’ requirements have always been at the core of these aspirations at Electroclass. “We communicate a lot with our clients to find out where their future needs lie,” Mr. Zorzetto adds. “We can’t just cater for what they need today but also have to consider tomorrow.”

Currently, automated distribution is becoming more and more important in the industry. “The big warehouses and storages will be managed only automatically in the future,” predicts Mr. Zorzetto. Electroclass has two main product ranges, filing solutions, and storage and picking solutions. “In filing solutions, we have developed a system based on our traditional products, but for bigger volumes up to 500 kg, we also designed a mini crane system for crane driver access to a towering data room – which results in space savings. We also have a software to classify and manage documents.”

In the storage and picking solutions segment, Electroclass offers a computer-based robotic system, Tower Lift Stockage, which searches and delivers files quickly and easily and is employed, for example, by the French navy. At present, the company is also working on modernizing its store management software.

Dominique Zorzetto
When I see our young employees highly motivated and enjoying the work they do – that’s the biggest motivation for me. That is good for their future and ours. Dominique ZorzettoGeneral Manager

“For this purpose, we are teaming up with Microsoft,” reveals Mr. Zorzetto. “We want to offer our clients great tablet based solutions to make the organization of their storage easy.”

The only manufacturer of automated filing and storages in France, Electroclass operates at four locations with headquarters in Bussy, an R&D department in the Ardennes, a production site in Poland and a small office in Dubai. “Of course we want to stay successful in France and in the several different countries in which we already operate, but we also want to expand into new markets for us that offers great opportunities, like Germany, and also the Asian continent.”