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Stronger – in sports and in life


Eleiko is a world-leading supplier of professional weightlifting, powerlifting and strength training equipment. “We work to make people stronger so they can perform better, in sports and in life,” CEO Erik Blomberg describes the company’s mission.

Headquartered in Halmstad on the Swedish west coast, Eleiko has offices in Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia and the USA, and distributors in many other countries across the globe. “Our aim is to become the number one global strength company,” Mr. Blomberg explains the ambitious vision of the family-owned company. “Today, our main activity is the commercial segment to which we want to bring our passion and expertise in weightlifting.”

The wide Eleiko product assortment includes everything from bars, collars, discs, dumbbells and kettlebells to strength training machines, exercise bikes, rowing machines, functional training equipment and many other products designed to make people stronger. Yet Eleiko is more than a total equipment supplier.

The company is also a keen educator offering a broad choice of courses for strength coaches, functional trainers, personal trainers and professional athletes. “We believe in combining the best equipment, education and expertise to create a stronger world,” states Mr. Blomberg, who has a finance background but whose real passion is in business development, strategy and team building.

Eleiko is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. “My father bought the company 25 years ago,” says Mr. Blomberg. “He always had a strong emotional connection to the business and the product.”

Today, the company has customers in over 180 countries all over the world and delivers to IWF Weightlifting, IPF Powerlifting and IPC Powerlifting championships, Olympic sports centers, professional sports clubs, colleges and universities, gyms and fitness facilities, and functional fitness centers.

“We are the only company that is certified by all three major strength sport federations: the International Weightlifting Federation, the International Powerlifting Federation and the International Paralympic Committee Powerlifting Federation,” explains Mr. Blomberg. “For many years, our core business had been in supplying international competitions, world championships, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Since 2000, we have been expanding the business to focus more on the commercial fitness market. Today, our main activity is in the commercial segment.”

In the professional athletes segment, Eleiko basically sells to customers all over the world, depending on where the international competitions are held. In the commercial segment, the company’s main markets are the Nordic countries and Germany.

“We are now starting in France and the UK,” says Mr. Blomberg. Eleiko ships 80% of its equipment abroad, turns over 30 million EUR and employs 100 people, including ten in manufacturing – “We have a combination of self-manufacturing and outsourcing,” states Mr. Blomberg – and ten in research and development. “Our product development team is pushing the existing products in our range to the next level and also designing completely new products that logically fit our strength market,” explains Mr. Blomberg.

Besides offering high-quality products, Eleiko is one of the most successful players in lifting equipment because of its highly efficient networking. “We work closely together with the professional sports communities that we serve, so we learn from them a lot,” states Mr. Blomberg. “Over the years, we have developed strong expertise within the field of weightlifting, powerlifting and strength training equipment, which I think is unique. And we also have an education business, so we focus on both equipment and education. We make it a really valuable combination. It is only a small part of our total sales, but a very important part of offering a total solution to the customer.”

Eleiko is operating in a fast-evolving growth market. “In the fitness industry, more and more people are discovering strength but also more specifically functional strength training and weightlifting,” Mr. Blomberg describes the market development. “More and more gyms are converting space now into functional strength training areas where lifting is becoming more prevalent. And that is exactly what we offer. The fitness market as a whole is growing, and the strength segment is growing even faster.”

As a global leader in the professional lifting market, Eleiko is ideally positioned to benefit from this development and evolve into a global leader in the commercial fitness sector, too. “That is where we will grow in the future,” says Mr. Blomberg. “To achieve this, we need to develop new products and complete our portfolio of strength products, hence our strong focus on product development. And we plan to expand further geographically and reach out with our full offering and our complete message: that we are there to make people stronger, in sports and in life.”

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