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Engineering power since 1948


With a turnover in 2016 of around 15.5 million EUR and the expectation of growth over the next few years, the future looks bright for Elektromontaż Gdańsk, which is great news for its 240 employees at its headquarters and production plant in Gdansk.

Formed in 1948, the company has contracts providing both onshore and offshore electrical installations to mostly private and state-owned companies such as refineries, shipyards and power plants. Abroad it counts major players such as Siemens and Emerson among its clients and currently exports make up 30% of its turnover. Another year this figure could be as much as 50% and the company is focussed on increasing this over the next few years.

“We always expect to grow,” says Ms. Eremus confidently. “Export is definitely top of our list, with far more projects planned abroad. In Germany, for example, we already have a branch office and quite a strong position in the market. Although we’re mostly centred around Munich, we’re definitely aiming to expand our activities in Germany. Then there’s Scandinavia – that’s another of our key future markets.”

Investing time and effort expanding the business abroad is not Elektromontaż Gdańsk’s only area of focus. It is equally focussed on its employees too. “You can’t buy good people,” says Ms. Eremus. “We invest in our company and in our people – you need the best people around you to succeed as a business. This isn’t only out in the field; we need them in the offices as well – to provide quotes and perform administrative duties, for example.”

Ms. Eremus continues: “A great atmosphere is also important throughout the company, including out on site where safety is key. People might find this hard to believe, but even as a child I could imagine one day working at Elektromontaż Gdańsk. It was – and still is – the kind of company where generations of the same family work through the years as if a precious secret is being passed on,” claims Ms. Eremus proudly. “I work here now, just like my father before me, and although I am not an engineer myself, I decided nonetheless to work here due to the friendly atmosphere and the openness of the management.”

Being located on the northern coast of Poland makes Elektromontaż Gdańsk perfectly placed for all its onshore and offshore operations. Onshore operations include providing all-in-one solutions for electrical power engineering and telecommunication engineering systems for infrastructures such as business centres, shopping centres, stadiums and street lighting, as well as power plants, municipal waste disposal plants and wind turbines.

When it comes to offshore operations, the services offered are similar but this time the clients are research and fishing vessels, floating production facilities and self-elevating wind turbines. Finally, on the subject of wind turbines, where does the company stand on environmental issues?

“Running a sustainable business is very important to us,” says Ms. Eremus. “As well as regular audits and inspections which allow us to proudly display certifications  bout our environmental care, including for example waste treatment, we take renewable energy very seriously and are excited about current and future projects such as windfarms and ecologically- sound power plants.”

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