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A culture of service in printed circuit boards


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Originally established in 1988 as a captive member of the Elemaster Group, Eleprint has emerged as a business in its own right. “As our production capacity grew, we started producing for external clients and even set up a second plant in Tito Scalo,” explains Veronica Bonfanti, CCO and Corporate Image Manager. “The group’s internationalization has promoted our own development with exports in and beyond Europe. The Elemaster Group has many subsidiaries worldwide today. As a member of a group with international operations and corresponding standards we benefit from a sound backing.”

Elemaster was founded in 1978 and ranks as an internationally leading mechatronics service provider today. The group operates as a one-stop-shop for major global players in high-tech sectors such as railways, avionics, medical, automotive, industrial and energy.

Whenever Eleprint is concerned, the mission is to provide optimum customer service and maximum quality in compliance with all applicable norms and standards.

“We want to consolidate our work for the Elemaster Group but above all increase our external involvement, and in fact we hired a new International Sales Manager, Mr. Chiapparino Matteo, to meet all European prospects,” the CCO describes the company’s current growth policy. “We are investing in manpower and technology in order to pursue this course, a strategy of continuous improvement in order to keep adapting to the needs of the market. Our idea is to keep meeting the group’s specialized requirements and remain open in diverse directions rather than focus on just one area.”

Eleprint mainly serves the railway, medical and electronic sector, but many niche markets as well such as aerospace and avionics. Sustainable solutions and hard-to-replicate technologies underline the company’s special position.

The Italian enterprise provides services for the PCB layout, engineering and photoplotting services of Gerber files and offers prototyping and the production of pre-series as well as large-volume production of printed circuits. The range of materials includes rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible, kapton / teflon, mixed and carrier materials, low DK / DF materials, high TG and TD raw materials.

We want to consolidate our work for the Elemaster Group but above all increase our external involvement. Veronica BonfantiCCO and Corporate Image Manager
Veronica Bonfanti, CCO and Corporate Image Manager of Eleprint Srl

Quality being paramount at Eleprint, digitalization is a significant aspect for the traceability of flows and processes. “It is of fundamental importance to have instruments that guarantee that kind of traceability – in our own and in customers’ interest,” explains Ms. Bonfanti, who is responsible for customer relations and acts as a key account to new business clients. “We operate our own, very specific lab to control some of our products and to leave at customers’ service. Our imprinting department is really high-tech and has its own IPC specialist for quality control and staff training.“

In order to create a culture of customer satisfaction the CCO has promoted a structure that goes beyond individual wishes and right down to the roots. “We begin with customers’ ideas and provide maximum support from A to Z, regardless how small or large the business,” she adds. “The result are direct customer relations and a good cooperation of all parties involved, with everyone feeling comfortable.”

Many of the company’s 90 members of staff work in long-term employment. Their know-how and experience mean a competitive advantage for the Italian enterprise that has a turnover of 18 million EUR today.

Apart from indirect exports, Eleprint serves clients in France, Germany, the USA and other countries. Major international fairs such as the ‘Embedded’ in Nuremberg or the ‘Expo Ferroviara’ in Milan provide welcome opportunities to present an exceptional service program to new and existing customers.

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