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“The increasing number of terror threats requires more undercover investigations,” he says. “To fulfil the complex requirements you have to employ the latest technologies. We always try to be one step ahead of our target.”

In addition to common surveillance material such as video and audio material, ELETTRONICA offers solutions for adaptive real-time management policy, which optimizes the use of available sensors. The resulting dynamic control loop of the configurable distributed system allows achieving optimized surveillance performance even by using low-cost commercial off-the-shelf sensors.

ELETTRONICA GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the Rome-based ELETTRONICA S.p.A. and was founded in 1978 as local logistic and maintenance facility for the Tornado program. Over the years, the company started to carry out its own projects.

In the 1990s, ELETTRONICA GmbH developed and integrated two platforms for the German army, the KWS RMB for flight recon and analysis and the Hornisse for communication jamming. ELETTRONICA launched its first homeland security systems shortly after the turn of the millennium, focusing on the integration of sensors into civilian vehicles for surveillance applications.

Following an innovation-driven business approach, the company enhanced its simulation and training system capabilities in 2010. “We developed a unique simulation system for the integrated test and training of radar EW operators on board of naval platform. On behalf of state-of-the-art modelling and simulation techniques, our system transmits radar scenarios and jammer signals in order to validate on-board sensors and train on real-time the reaction and decision of EW officers in charge of the control board,” says Dr. Mariucci.

Today, ELETTRONICA’s service portfolio includes the design, development, manufacturing and integration of open and scalable systems-of-systems architectures for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and Law Enforcement and Emergency Response missions.

Following a full-service approach, the team takes on the complete project management, the whole documentation management as well as the maintenance and logistic support. Also, ELETTRONICA offers user in-house or on-site training.

“Originally, we were set up as an extended workbench of our parent,” says Dr. Mariucci. “Now we are able to act independently and draw on a global distribution network. Our local expertise and our own knowledge database drives the future strategy of our company on three core competencies. These are our engineering competence in the design and development of simulation and training systems, our competence in vehicle integration of sensor networks and data fusion as well as our electromechanical construction and manufacturing competences.”

Today, military and civilian clients rely on ELETTRONICA’s competence as well as authorities, customs and border control institutions. Also the telecommunication industry has become an important market.

“In my ten-year vision,” says Dr. Mariucci when asked about the company’s future, “we are able to develop the complete value chain of a system in-house which can virtually determinate and combine intelligence data in order to act and prevent any type of malicious attack from ground, air and space. Therefore, we will have to bundle our competencies and experience and integrate them into a complex value added chain. For the next years, we will continue to enhance our system engineering skills in the integration and simulation/training areas and to offer market-oriented products and services.”

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