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Build your own rail bogie


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ELH develops and manufactures bogies for railway passenger and freight cars as well as railway construction machinery. Founded in 1998, the company offers a wide selection of standard and custom-engineered bogies, spare parts and welding components.

“Since 2012, we have been a member of Optifin Invest, a financial investor from Slovakia,” states Managing Director Dr. Dagmar Matúšová. ELH has 115 employees, turns over 17 million EUR and is one of Europe’s top three bogie producers.

The company ships about 60% of its bogies abroad, to customers across Europe, in North and South America, Asia and Australia. ELH operates in a highly competitive market, with growing cost pressure. “This is why we are concentrating more and more on special bogies for track laying equipment and other specialized vehicles running on rails,” says Ms. Matúšová. “We are capable of meeting our customers’ requirements faster than practically anyone else in Europe.” “We deliver from one bogie upwards and also handle customer-specific modifications of standard bogies,” adds Dana Grünewald, Authorized Signatory and Director of Sales and Project Management.

One of the latest innovative ELH developments is the patented, TSI certified RC25NT bogie featuring unique rubber metal springs for reduced noise. “The bogie is radially coupled so it adapts to the rails,” explains Ms. Matúšová. “This means less abrasion and makes the bogie exceptionally wheel and track friendly.”

ELH has just completed a four-year test period for the RC25NT and is now ready to introduce it on a Europe-wide basis. “We have excellent development capabilities which are mainly thanks to our chief design engineer Detlef Scholdan,” says Ms. Matúšová. “We are very flexible in development and can handle all the required calculations and simulations, including vibration measurements together with local partners,” adds Ms. Grünewald.

To further grow its market position, ELH is continuing to develop new, innovative products, such as high-performance bogies for locomotives or non-standard freight cars. In addition, the dynamically evolving company is working on a web based configurator enabling customers to build their own bogie.