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Treating water carefully


Eloy Water specializes in prefabricated, ready-to-use water treatment solutions for private households as well as commercial and industrial clients that are not connected to the municipal wastewater system. The company was founded by Robert Eloy in 1965 and initially focused on general construction.

Since then, the privately-owned firm has diversified, with Eloy Water today being one of four divisions of Eloy Holding. In addition to Eloy Water, the Group includes Eloy Travaux, which comprises the company’s historic construction activities, Eloy Béton, a producer of ready-mix concrete, and Eloy Projet which focuses on real estate projects.

“Eloy Water and Eloy Travaux are the largest business units and together account for 70% of our overall revenues,” says Sergio Napolitano, Marketing Manager of Eloy Water. The family business employs nearly 400 people and is managed by the founder’s grandchildren.

Eloy Water has 120 employees and is the only group company with an international presence. Based in Sprimont in the Belgian province of Liege, the company has subsidiaries in France, Australia and the Caribbean and works closely together with dealers and distributors in Slovenia, Sweden, New-Zealand, Australia, Mexico and across Africa, including Mauritius.

Eloy Water provides high-quality, custom-engineered wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting solutions. The comprehensive product range includes standard solutions, components and complete systems for domestic wastewater treatment for up to 2,000 population equivalent and all-inclusive rainwater harvesting systems with tanks, storm drains and accessories for filtration, storage and reuse.

In both product segments, Eloy Water covers the entire value chain. “We have our own biologists and engineers designing the systems, our own manufacturing facilities, our own sales channels and distribution partners and our own service staff providing technical support and maintenance services wherever needed,” states Mr. Napolitano. “Every country has its own norms and regulations. Our strength is that we are capable of perfectly adapting our solutions to this wide diversity of requirements, in every case with environmental protection as the guiding principle.”

The best-selling products in the broad Eloy Water portfolio are the company’s Oxyfix® compact wastewater treatment plant and the brand-new X-Perco® compact trickling filter. “Oxyfix® consists of three compartments for collecting the wastewater,” explains Mr. Napolitano. “Thanks to its Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF), the system enables perfect filtration of the wastewater without ever changing the filter.”

While Oxyfix® depends on an electricity supply, X-Perco® does completely without external power. “X-Perco® is a next-generation compact trickling filter for households,” the Marketing Manager describes the unique system. “It is based on xylit, a waste reclamation obtained from the mining of lignite. The material has an organic composition and serves as a natural filter and a biofilm which has a useful life of 15 to 20 years.”

Eloy Water water treatment solutions are used in both new building and renovation projects in case there is no access to the public wastewater system. The company’s main export market is France which alone accounts for 65% of total sales.

“Altogether, we have customers in more than 25 countries across the globe,” says Mr. Napolitano. The global market for water treatment solutions is characterized by fierce competition. “Not all competitors, though, master the entire value chain from engineering and design to production and after-sales services,” Mr. Napolitano points out a major differentiation advantage of the Belgian company.

In many countries, Eloy Water is benefiting from government initiatives to replace old wastewater systems with more environment-friendly solutions. “We are a creative, dynamically-evolving family enterprise where sustainable development and environmental protection are top priorities,” states Mr. Napolitano.

Eloy Water also distinguishes itself from the competition through its seamless tracing of all installations. “We know when each system has been installed, serviced or repaired and have all data available,” explains Mr. Napolitano. “This gives us vital feedback which is constantly being integrated into the development of new products.”

In the future, Eloy Water wants to further expand its international presence by growing its network of distribution partners. “The market has enormous potential worldwide,” says Mr. Napolitano. “The only problem is the wide diversity of different water treatment standards. But we are tackling this challenge by perfectly adapting our products to each individual market and continuing to develop new, innovative, even more environmentally friendly solutions.”

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