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The cream for models


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Since its emergence in 1950, lotions and creams from Embryolisse have developed into a global success story, with celebrity models and their make-up artists using the facial cream as a base for make-up. The French dermatologist who founded Embryolisse probably did not foresee the effect his new development would have on the cosmetics market.

“It was his aim to create a cream that supports healthy and natural skin, using only a few ingredients to prevent irritation and excessive strain on the skin,” points out CEO Alain Cassam Chenai.

His wife took over the established brand in 1994 before Mr. Cassam Chenai himself joined the business in 2004, promoting the brand’s internationalization and new product developments.

Embryolisse’s products are available in 20 countries, with the USA and Asia both being key markets, each importing about 10% of Embryolisse’s total production. Even in Japan, Embryolisse opened a sales office seven years ago.

“Demand for our dermo-cosmetic creams is really surging,” says Mr. Cassam Chenai. “In France, our products are recommended by dermatologists. Nevertheless, we offer cosmetics and not medical products, and our tests are as strict as those of the medical industry.”

The best-seller is Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, which is available as a cream for the face and as a lotion for the body. The company’s portfolio includes moisturizers, cleansers and make-up removers, nourishing products, Artist Secrets and anti-aging creams, addressing women between 35 and 65 years of age.

“Many make-up artists use our creams at fashion shows, when models are permanently made up, or at film and theater sets. Our products regulate and nourish the skin and are a good foundation for any make-up. The skin retains its natural balance, and due to the simplicity of our formulations, the risk of allergies is minimized,” stresses Mr. Cassam Chenai.

Embryolisse’s latest range for make-up artists, Artist Secrets, has become a great success, giving the cream a glamour factor that attracts new customers.

“We are optimistic about our future. Sales figures in pharmacies, in our online shop and at our points of sale have shown that our products meet the high expectations of our customers,” adds Mr. Cassam Chenai. “We will enter into even closer contact with the customer within the next few years.”

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