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The business developer between Europe and India


The new network of contacts that EMDI Europe offers its business relationships has its roots in a success story that has been evolving for almost 30 years. The contacts are more or less based on the merits of one single man and his desire to succeed. When the young Indian Ambi Venkataraman set out to conquer the European market, he could already look back on a remarkable business career in India, Malaysia and Singagore.

Mr. Venkataraman set up a new business in Luxembourg in 1985, specialising in a product portfolio that included the trading of reclaimed rubber, rubber, and metal bonded parts and subassemblies, as well as garage equipment, subassembly parts and transmission chains for automotive, motorcycle and industrial applications.

“I started with metal bonded parts and virtually developed the business from scratch,” points out Managing Director Mr. Venkataraman. “After a few years, I started to supply reclaimed rubber, which is used by tyre manufacturers and rubber manufacturing plants. I was lucky to convince leading names like Goodyear and Dunlop, which could make use of reclaimed rubber from India.”

Another mainstay was the import and distribution of transmission chains and garage equipment, which EMDI started to sell to European garages and workshops. “We have realised a sound growth scenario in all three business segments,” points out Mr. Venkataraman. “When we opened our own warehouse facilities for stock maintenance in Luxembourg in 1996, we were able to improve just-in-time deliveries for existing businesses.”

In order to strengthen business ties between Europe and India, Mr. Venkataraman has embarked on yet another journey. In addition to his existing import business, he has been using his business expertise and profound knowledge of Indian culture and started working as a business consultant, advising SMEs in Europe that are about to establish business relationships with Indian companies.´

“I really see myself and my employees as a link between two cultures,” says Mr. Venkataraman. “We know the Indian structures, and I support European companies in finding the perfect match for their future business development.” Despite the fact that EMDI Europe focuses on all industrial sectors, the company favours renewable energy, infrastructural development, and transport and automotive.

Mr. Venkataraman’s daughter Kanchini, also active in the company, was born in India but grew up with a Luxembourg education and speaks German, French, Luxembourgish, English and Tamil. He is teaching her the tricks of the trade to enable and facilitate the blending of SMEs registered in Indian and Europe with her multilingual capabilities, local business acumen and cultural exposure.

“Our customers save time and money. We open doors for them and guide them through the first setup,” stresses Mr. Venkataraman. “I am convinced that our services will have a great future. I will support customers according to my motto ‘Do the best you can.’”

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