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Rollers for a digital world


The Enbi Group specializes in rollers for digital products such as large-scale printing machinery as well as laser and ink-jet printers. Within a printer there are three main roller functions: imaging, fusing and paper transportation.

“The printing market is moving away from large printing lines to smaller single printers,” explains Matthias Trietsch, Vice President Global Sales and Managing Director Europe. “A very good example is one of the largest global e-commerce players, which has 160 printers and often prints books only when they are purchased. On-demand printing is becoming a huge market, and our specialist R&D team reacts quickly to customer requirements, identifying flexible and innovative solutions for the extremely complex challenges involved.”

Printers are not the only machines for which Enbi provides state-of-the-art rollers. Equipment for cash handling also has very stringent requirements. Accuracy and reliability are absolutely paramount.

Cash machines (ATMs) come in two forms. Cash dispensers, as the name suggests, issue bank notes. These notes are generally new, and their quality is therefore assured, so although the machinery must count accurately, it does not have to deal with the intricacies of used notes.

At cash recyclers, however, customers can deposit as well as withdraw money, and the machines are required to process everything from brand-new notes to badly damaged ones, which can stick to the rollers or may have pieces missing. The machines also sort and separate notes that are too damaged to be reused so they can be returned to the central bank. The complexity involved in this operation is considerable, and only rollers of the highest quality and sensitivity can provide the required degree of accuracy.

“We supply the number two in the ATM business,” notes Mr. Trietsch. Besides ATMs and printers, Enbi also produces rollers for mail handling, packaging machinery and medical imaging instruments such as X-ray equipment.

In addition to rollers, Enbi manufactures insulation materials with sealing, insulation, damping and protection properties for the heating and ventilation market.

“Within the EU, goods with energy efficiency values of C and D are gradually being withdrawn from the market, and only those with A and B ratings will be allowed,” points out Mr. Trietsch. “Items such as water tank insulation jackets will have to be renewed. We have developed an economical but effective insulation based on a unique sandwich principle which meets the standards and will be available later this year. The market is growing, and this product has huge potential.”

Enbi offers insulation solutions not only for the energy sector but also the automotive industry, which uses acoustic insulation and noise reduction materials in many applications such as engines, rear spoilers and ventilation systems.

The Enbi Group has a worldwide presence and offers its customers a globally integrated solution. Enbi Germany GmbH, located in Leverkusen, is responsible for European coverage. Mr. Trietsch, as Vice President Global Sales and Managing Director Europe, is perfectly positioned to lead an international service for customers who themselves have operations around the world.

“Within Europe we currently cover the UK, the Netherlands, France, the DACH countries and also parts of Southern Europe,” he says. “We are also looking at Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as potential new markets. We have a cost-effective production unit in Hungary so our setup for Europe is strong, enabling us to provide top service combined with sustainable low pricing.”

The USA and parts of South America are covered by the headquarters in Indiana with two US factories, and Asia is served from Singapore with a factory in China. “Our customers really value our ability to react quickly to their global requirements and appreciate the competitive pricing we can offer due to economies of scale obtained through our global purchasing power.”

Goals for the immediate future include further strengthening both the global connection and the European operation, and securing the core market to become the number-one roller manufacturer. Innovation features heavily, beginning with the launch of the new insulation product in autumn 2016 and the development of new applications in the roller market.

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