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A leading supplier of energy


“Our aim is to provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers with complex turnkey solutions,” states Olympian Product Manager Agnieszka Zawadka. “Caterpillar has a lot of experience and offers reliable and high-quality products. They are the basis for our success.”

In 2013, the company received the Business Gazelle award, an independent award for companies with the best development in the small and medium sector, as the one of the most dynamic companies in Poland.

Eneria Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of the Eneria group, which belongs to the Monnoyeur Group with headquarters in France. Groupe Monnoyeur was founded over 100 years ago, developing into a leading retailer and wholesaler of machinery and services for industry and construction.

The Eneria group specializes in the cooperation with Caterpillar, which started in 1929. The Polish subsidiary was founded in 1998 and became a renowned provider of an extensive scope of products and services related to energy.

Today, the company employs 90 people and realized a turnover of about 28 million EUR in 2013. Besides its headquarters in Łomianki near Warsaw, Eneria Poland has a branch for its marine department in Gdansk and a service brand near Katowice.

The company has a diversified product portfolio for different application areas. The biggest division is the diesel generator sets sector. Those diesel generator sets are used to power all kinds of buildings, for instance offices, factories, data centers, banks and malls, where emergency power is crucial.

“We are specializing in turnkey projects, including the design, complex installations and maintenance,” says Ms. Zawadka. “Until today, we have sold over 360 MVA, which is the largest amount of power sold in Poland for diesel generator sets.”

Another important division is the gas generator sets, for instance, for the milk industry, mines and other industrial areas where gas is needed as a source of energy. “We have lots of solutions for different types of gas and are very flexible realizing turnkey solutions,” points out Ms. Zawadka.

Eneria also offers different types of engines for various areas of application such as industrial engines for OEM applications or engines for the locomotive market, providing sustainable and ecological solutions. In addition, the company has a wind power department, specializing in everything relating to turbines, except the delivery of the turbines, and operating as a general contractor.

The electrical installations division provides complex services for the full scope of tensions, while the marine department distributes Caterpillar engines and marine generator sets, focusing on engines for offshore vessels.

“Sustainability is important in everything we do,” says the Olympian product manager. “We are trying to provide environmentally friendly solutions, minimizing the impact on the environment.”

The diversified portfolio makes the company economically stable. It is looking towards a bright future and is going to build new headquarters in Warsaw. “Our very good team of professionals, engineers and salesmen has a great spirit and is another important success factor,” states Ms. Zawadka. “We try to be close to our clients. That is why we are focusing on the Polish market. We know our clients and are able to answer their needs in the best way.”

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