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Solar energy is always on our minds


Solar energy is still on the advance, and the overall opinion about its impact and benefits has backed many providers of solar energy solutions in recent years.

Enersol is certainly no exception to the rule, as the company has experienced a more than favourable development in the past eight years. In 2005, the two business partners Samuel Bragard and André Jacquinet grasped the chance to start their own business that manifested their commitment to renewable energy.

They founded Enersol, first shifting their focus to solar thermal energy. In 2007/2008, Enersol expanded its portfolio and took on photovoltaic energy as a new line of business. “Due to public subsidies in the regenerative energy sector, we have been able to realize continuous growth, and we have become a sound small to medium-sized company,” says Financial Director and Co-owner Mr. Jacquinet. “We have always been driven by a desire to take on responsibility for the future of our planet. Solar energy as well as solar thermal energy are highly effective energy sources that are in line with the general views on energy in our society.”

For Enersol, renewable energy is an objective that is not to be questioned under any circumstances. “There is a general agreement in today’s society that alternative forms of energy have to be pushed in order to replace traditional sources of energy. The markets still have huge potential which has to be exploited,” stresses Mr. Jacquinet. “The suppliers we have are based in Belgium and the rest of Europe. Chinese suppliers are not really an option for us.”

The deliberate decision for local suppliers is based on a corporate work ethic that favours quality and security issues. “We are convinced that by choosing local suppliers, we best meet our own high quality standards and work in accordance with legal standards. However, local orientation has another dimension. We feel that we can only remain an authentic actor in the renewable energy sector if we concentrate on local suppliers in order to minimize the impact of CO2 emissions,” says Mr. Jacquinet.

Today, Enersol has established a strong position in photovoltaic energy, and about 80% of its turnover is generated in this segment. In addition, solar thermal energy, which used to be the company’s initial focus, accounts for another 15% of the turnover. “We also develop combined heat and power solutions,” adds Mr. Jacquinet.

So far, Enersol’s activities have been directed towards Wallonia, where the demand for sustainable energy solutions was and still is high. Enersol has never seen the necessity to considerably widen its range of action. “Customer proximity has always been a decisive factor for doing business locally,” adds Mr. Jaquinet. “This is one reason why so far we have more or less been active in Wallonia only.”

The company is fully committed to sustainability, and it is constantly measuring its own CO2 footprints in all its activities. “I can give you an example of how we try to reduce our own CO2 footprint. Our new office and warehouse facilities will meet the high passive house standards and deliver energy - positive results,” points out Mr. Jacquinet. “We are proud of our environmental awareness and our high corporate ethics.”

Enersol and its workforce of 50 people generate a turnover of 20 million EUR annually, mainly with private customers, who have a 75% share in the company’s activities. Industrial and commercial customers account for another 25% of turnover.

Despite its clear focus on local photovoltaic and solar thermal energy installations, Enersol is currently involved in a new solar project directed towards off-grid areas in and outside Belgium.

“We are developing photovoltaic installations that are really selfsupportive in distant and isolated areas,” points out Mr. Jacquinet. “They are not connected to the grid. Here, we design and implement total solutions. The focus is on Belgium first, but we are eager to deploy this solution to developing countries. We are already involved in projects in Rwanda and Haiti.”

It is the company’s ambitious goal to cooperate with local partners abroad in order to develop their competences. “This approach creates new jobs and guarantees a high quality level,” adds Mr. Jacquinet. “We provide the right equipment and the best knowhow for each individual project. We are currently developing kits that can be used for lighting or for household appliances. The possibilities are huge. We are eager to strengthen this new business segment and make it work at home and abroad.”

Enersol is determined to make its Eneroffgrid.com project a true market success, a success that is clearly based on the overall performance Enersol has been supplying for the past eight years. Solar energy and its benefits for society are always on Enersol’s mind.

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