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Creativity and quality in the paper product industry


Enveloprint bv was founded in 1916 and is organized into two divisions: Business Papers and Stationery. The Business Papers division prints letterheads and other company-specific printed matter for its clients mainly in the Netherlands.

The Stationery division has a large international focus, and this part of Enveloprint is active in 25 countries. The services offered by Enveloprint Stationery include producing private label products and creating different types, textures and colours of paper in order to provide a wide range of paper stock. From this range it creates envelopes and develops creative products such as greeting cards, gift sets and scrapbooking materials.

“Trends change every few years, so we have trendwatchers who inform us of those shifts,” says Koos Nederlof, Director of Enveloprint Stationery. “We introduce a new collection every two years which we design ourselves.”

Enveloprint Stationery is also up to date with cultural colour preferences. The company knows what its customers like in the Scandinavian countries and also what its customers want in Southern Europe. “It’s very important to be up-to-date with cultural colour differences, since this can help you sell your products more effectively,” explains Mr. Nederlof.

The company’s target markets are retail chains, superstores and wholesalers. Enveloprint Stationery reaches clients through expos, face-to-face visits and themed special events.

For the future, Enveloprint Stationery is considering expansion to the United States and increasing its presence in the digital design industry. “No matter what the future holds, Enveloprint will continue to offer a large assortment of quality products to our customers while maintaining our various professional and environmental responsibilities,” adds Mr. Nederlof.

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