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A life cycle performance company


Envirogen Group Italy was founded over 40 years ago and continues to provide excellence and innovation in the filtration market. In 2012 the company became part of Envirogen Group SA, which was established by Italian investors in 2009.

The Envirogen Group of Companies delivers 21st century environmental technology and process solutions that combine its vast experience in water, air and process development with a track record of exceptional performance, allowing it to deliver long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications. Over the past two years, the Italian branch has undergone an overhaul and has expanded its water filtration services by creating separate departments dedicated to engineering, processing and water filtration solutions.

The products and services Envirogen Group Italy offers to its clientele include consumables, systems and filtration management. In the consumables category, the business provides filters for liquids and gases. These filters can also be made from a multitude of materials, including plastic and metal.

In the systems category, the branch also manufactures cross flow units that are used for a host of beverages including water, beer, wine and milk. The company also offers filtration process systems for water.

Osmosis and wastewater treatment systems are also provided. “For wastewater treatment, we offer biological aerobic and anaerobic unit and remediation treatments,” says Andrea Moretti, Managing Director of Envirogen Group Italy. “Common remediation treatments include removing hydrocarbons, pesticides and other contaminants residue from groundwater.”

Finally, in the service category, the company helps manage and finance filtration products and systems. Offering these three different categories to its consumers places the group in a league of its own. “We offer the full package to all of our clients,” adds Mr. Moretti.

Future plans for the group include expansion to Europe, the Middle East and Malaysia. The company will also continue to offer excellent and individualized service to each of its customers.

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