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Early CBR threat detection


When Environics was founded in 1987 by Hannu Salmi, its original focus was on chemical warfare agent detectors. Over the years the company has launched numerous innovations. Its CBRN detection systems range in scale from handheld or portable instruments to critical infrastructure protection solutions for sensitive buildings such as parliaments or police stations.

“CBRN solutions can be used for all threats and be used around the clock with minimal maintenance,” says Vice President Sales and Marketing Ahti Luukkonen. “We offer CBRN detection for fixed installations, mobile and semi-fixed installations. Typical applications include naval vessels, subway safety systems, security systems for buildings and important infrastructure locations, environmental area monitoring, mobile and fixed laboratories, and reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles.”

Environics CBRN systems can be used to monitor the safety of a single person or an entire nation. Such a system would include 40 monitoring stations, three command and control centres, and CBRN recognition vehicles to provide mobile coverage. The latest system was installed at Helsinki airport, where it monitors incoming passengers and their luggage for radiation.

Environics also develops products for industrial gas detection and manufactures a wide range of hazardous gas monitors for ambient air, process gas and stack emissions. An important product is the ENVI analyser system for situational awareness. This intelligent ambient air monitoring solution covers a wide range of industries and compounds, and is able to detect compounds at ultralow concentrations providing continuous monitoring in both indoor and outdoor applications.

“Whether monitoring for worker safety or production control, the ENVI analysers have the lowest maintenance requirements while continuously monitoring the most difficult compounds,” says Mr. Luukkonen. The system is just one of four product groups aimed at the industrial market. Semiconductor air monitoring systems provide real-time monitoring of airborne molecular contamination. These analysers can detect hazardous chemicals at a lower concentration than traditional analysers and react in real time, giving operators more time to avert a potential catastrophe.

Hazardous chemical detection and monitoring tools are used for both industrial and environmental applications. This high performance system is easy to use with a wide application range. It can monitor a whole industrial site or an individual area. Finally, Environics solutions for industrial radiation safety are based on the tried and tested Environics Ranid solutions. Thanks to its ability to supply cost-effective, high quality solutions, Environics has built up a strong global reputation.

Exports account for 80% of sales with governments and military customers making up 95% of its business. Industrial clients account for just 5% of turnover, but this area is expected to grow in the future due to health and safety concerns. “We want our CBRN solutions to become the market leaders worldwide,” says Mr. Luukkonen. “With nearly 40% of our workforce engaged in R&D, we are targeting the next generation of chemical detectors, which will be even smaller. We will also be making our biological analyser more portable.”

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