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Core competences brought together


Epson Europe Electronics is a subsidiary of Seiko Epson Corporation, a Japanese electronics company and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers, information and imaging related equipment. Based in Munich, the company was founded as Epson Semiconductor GmbH in 1989. In 1996, it was renamed as Epson Europe Electronics, due to the integration of Seiko timing devices into the Group. Today, Epson Europe Electronics is Seiko Epson Corporation’s European head office for electronic components and responsible for sales, marketing technical support and distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company has annual sales of over 50 million EUR and employs 50 people. Epson Electronics includes two main product divisions: Timing Devices and Semiconductors.

“Seiko Epson Corporation is the global number one for timing devices, with more than several hundred million crystal-based devices sold every month,” says Manfred Wittmeir, IC Department manager Epson Europe Electronics. A third business unit, which was started in 2012, comprises sensing systems – a market with strong potential and wide-ranging applications. “This new field of activity is about Inertial Measurement Units, which are also known as IMUs,” explains Mr. Wittmeir. “IMUs are very compact electronic devices that allow precise measuring and reporting of an object’s position in space.” IMUs are used for navigational purposes in aircraft, in GPS devices to bridge GPS signal gaps and in many other technical applications such as deep drilling or wind power.

“The new business unit Sensing Systems combines the core competences of Epson Electronics in its two major areas of expertise: timing devices and semiconductors,” states Mr. Wittmeir. “IMUs have been used for a long time. But these are either high-end solutions or low-priced products. Our focus is on the medium-price range, a profitable market niche. Our solutions offer both: high precision and a very competitive price.” Epson Semiconductors worldwide distributes 50% of its products as Epson branded articles. 25% each go to group subsidiaries as internal supplies and to other semiconductor businesses. Customers include watch companies, display manufacturers, particularly in the automotive industry, as well as other industrial clients. All products combine low power consumption, unrivalled precision and excellent value for money.

Another distinguishing feature is Epson Semiconductor’s single-chip solution for controlling watch displays. Epson Europe Electronics exhibits at various important industry events, including Munich’s electronica, the world’s leading trade show for electronic components, systems and applications, Nuremberg’s embedded world (through distributors), the world’s largest trade fair of its kind, and the measurement fair SENSOR+TEST which is also hosted in Nuremberg. Epson Europe Electronics has many loyal customers which have been cooperating with the company for many years.

“We have many direct customers, who are advised and supported directly by us, and a close-meshed distribution network that includes up to three authorized distributors in every country in Europe as well as in the Middle East and Africa,” Mr. Wittmeir describes the sales organization of Epson Europe Electronics. The company also cooperates closely with engineering firms to stay ahead of the latest developments in the fast evolving electronics industry. Within ist defined market area, the strongest market is Germany which accounts for 70% of the total sales of Epson Europe Electronics. The company’s main competitive strengths are ist clear focus, high level of customer orientation and excellent support.

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