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For a safer sky


It all started back in 1994 when ERA was established as a successor of Tesla to follow up on multistatic surveillance systems that were already in operation in military and civil environments.

“We started as pioneers in the market, supplying multilateration technology to the Czech Army, air traffic control authorities and customers that needed special surveillance technology,” stresses Managing Director Viktor Sotona. “Our extensive research and development activities – after all 60 of our 230 employees work in our R&D division – have brought us to the top end of the surveillance and flight tracking business. Currently, we hold a 50% share in the entire global market.”

ERA’s main activities are the supply and delivery of adequate systems. Multilateration has remained a key word, focusing on surveillance technology that is based on measuring the difference of arrival of the signal from the aircraft to three or more placed receiver stations at fixed positions.

With its solutions, ERA is now present at more than 130 sites, including many major airports, in 46 countries on five continents.

“99% of all sold projects are the result of tenders in which we take part in. In addition, our impressive list of references is another excellent recommendation for future projects,” says Mr. Sotona.

No doubt, ERA is setting the standards, and the company is determined to do so in the future. ‘Continuation is innovation’ is its motto for conquering the future.

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