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Soft, strong, absorbent


Based in Cuneo near Turin in Italy, ERREBI Paper is a family-owned and run business with a tradition in developing and manufacturing special papers, says Export Manager Ivo Racca. “The origins of ERREBI date back to 1976 when Guido Rinaudo founded the company as a paper converting business specialised in paper for medical applications right from the start.” Headed by President Guido Rinaudo, the family enterprise provides a range of paper for medical, hygiene and industrial applications today in a variety of materials and formats.

“We manufacture a sophisticated range of disposables for medical applications including rolls, drapes, dental and baby bibs, headrest covers and airlaid wipes in a variety of types and sizes,” explains Finance and Administration Manager Grazia Bertano. “The hygiene range encompasses hand towel rolls and v-fold towels, and we also supply an assortment of professional cleaning products including wiper rolls and airlaid wipers.”

All products are manufactured under private label, and the company has secured an ever growing number of satisfied customers in Italy and abroad as the export quota of 85 to 90% well illustrates. “France, Germany, Eastern Europe and the Middle East with Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are our most important export markets,” underlines Luisa Giorcelli from Export. “We also export products to a number of other European countries including the UK, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, and we even sell products as far afield as Australia.”

Medical rolls are the best sellers in the range, underlines Ms. Giorcelli. “We have developed a wide range of medical rolls in different materials and formats. Made from PE-coated tissue, simple one-ply or two-ply tissue, pure pulp or recycled paper, our medical rolls have been well proven for years for their outstanding characteristics. We rank with the leading brands in this field today and are market leader in France when it comes to medical rolls.”

Quality is the key to success, and ERREBI has proven its competence in meeting the high quality and hygiene standards for medical applications time and time again. Moreover, the Italian specialists have the know-how to supply products with exactly the characteristics required. “We offer solutions for a variety of requirements tailored to the requirements of customers and applications,” Ms. Bertano points out. “Whether soft, strong, absorbent or water resistant, our papers and tissues are designed to exactly meeting customers’ specifications.”

ERREBI has always invested in the latest manufacturing technology to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency, underlines Ms. Giorcelli. “At our headquarters in Cuneo, we are in command of ten state-of-the-art processing lines today including a laminating machine featuring a width of 2,800 mm and nine converting lines for both rolls and folded products. Moreover, we have an experienced staff of 30 who contribute their own share to ensuring the high quality of products and services.”

The company has its own sales agents in France and Germany and has secured a network of distributors on foreign markets. Trade shows play a key role in marketing strategies, underlines Ms. Giorcelli. “International trade shows are an excellent means to reinforce customer contacts and establish new ones, so we regularly take part in major events such as the Medica in Dusseldorf, Germany, the PLMA in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specialised fairs in Dubai and many more.”

Building on its proven performance, ERREBI paper is well prepared for future growth at home and abroad. “As a family-owned enterprise, we can react flexibly to customers’ individual wishes, and our state-of-the-art processing lines ensure the highest efficiency and flexibility in order processing, the basis for prompt and reliable shipment true to schedules, a major asset along with the excellent price/performance ratio.”

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