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Activation energy


ERREGIERRE was founded by two entrepreneurs in 1974 in San Paolo d’Argon, in the northern Italian region of Bergamo. It lodged one of its first major successes in 1978, when it welcomed its first U.S. FDA inspection of its plant. At the turn of the millennium, it acquired a new production facility, welcoming new revenue streams and areas of interest.

It would open this new production site in 2003, with an additional inspection by the U.S. FDA and the Italian Ministry of Health soon to follow. In 2002, ERREGIERRE was named “Best Italian Company.” Most recently, the company has seen the installation of a third production department, as well as a state-of-the-art finishing department at its location in San Paolo d’Argon.

“Our mission is to manufacture and supply the highest quality APIs to the pharmaceutical industry, in full compliance with cGMP standards,” says Pietro Carlo Gargani, CEO and president of ERREGIERRE S.p.A. “We provide the highest level of service based on tailor-made products and have long-term partnership with our customers,” Mr. Gargani adds.

Today, ERREGIERRE is a 100% owned by the Gargani Finanziaria family based on 20 million EUR worth of shared capital. It employs 230 people from its surrounding community while achieving revenues in excess of 74.5 million EUR annually (2009 figures).

ERREGIERRE has concocted its formula for success based on strong strategic financial planning, exceptional know-how within the market and its family-run attitude. “In the beginning, we reinvested all of our profits back into the business,” Mr. Gargani says

The result means of production including astounding 200,000 l capacity in San Paolo d’Argon and 100,000 l capacity in Sovere, as well as SS and GL reactors from 1,000 to 10,000 l. The facilities can accommodate a temperature range from -130 to 230° C.

The company’s pilot plant is equipped with 50 to 700 l reactors and has a dedicated finishing department. From Kilo synthesis (on cGMP Pilot Plant) to a multitonne scale (on cGMP industrial scale), ERREGIERRE has the multipurpose plants for multistep synthesis that allow flexible handling of a wide range of technologies.

“Our reputation often precedes us,” Mr. Gargani says. “We are a recognised supplier of cost-effective, high quality chemical services and products,” he adds. ERREGIERRE conducts all major organic chemical reactions at its own plants. Its multipurpose facilities allow for flexible and dynamic handling of a wide range of technologies, and its high degree of chemical expertise is backed up by solid regulatory documentation.

The company offers its customers a single point of contact for research and development, process development and production outsourcing and maintains strict confidentiality through all of these proceedings. “We have absolute compliance to patent law,” Mr. Gargani says. “Our contract processes include research and scale-up studies,” he adds.

ERREGIERRE is constantly and actively adding to its list of standard chemical technologies. Currently, it specialises in reactions with acids, acyl chlorides, amides and nitriles, N-Alkylations and O-Alkylations, aminations including reductive aminations, aldol reaction, Hantzsch synthesis, Hofmann reaction, Mannich reaction, Indoles synthesis, catalytic hydrogenations, halogenations, decarboxylations, and Friedel-Crafts acylations and alkylations.

The company also has expertise in epoxidations, Houben-Hoesch reaction, Grignard reaction, Knoevenagel reaction, Malonic syntheses, condensations (including Claisen, Dieckmann and with formates), diazotizations nitrations, oxidations, reductions with sodium borohydride, Wolff-Kishner and Béchamp reductions, reactions with sodium, sodium hydride, lithium diisopropylaminemagnesium, and Baeyer-Villiger rearrangement.

ERREGIERRE does 85% of its business abroad, with attention to major emerging markets. “Our products have an extremely wide range of therapeutic use,” Mr. Gargani attests. “They are implemented most frequently in cardiovascular, central nervous system, antifungal, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal and anti-allergic therapies,” he adds.

Research and development is at the heart of what ERREGIERRE does for its customers. The company offers quick evaluation of new project feasibility and always pays attention to safety and environmental costs. With a customer-oriented approach at every level, ERREGIERRE supports clients in their original process improvements and scale-ups and often conducts original process studies and patent filing.

Chemical processes are, in many ways, about predicting outcomes. Indeed, ERREGIERRE has the motivated, expert staff and the fully equipped analytical laboratories that ensure conformity to the International Standards. It conducts continuous monitoring of all industrial and laboratory operations, and its partnerships proceed with standard customer sales approaches including constant after-sales assistance.

The company even subjects itself to periodical customer audits. “We are firmly committed to our customers’ continued satisfaction,” Mr. Gargani says. The environmental costs of production are a concern at the forefront of ERREGIERRE operations. “Safety and environment have always represented a major field of investment for us,” Mr. Gargani says.

The company’s facilities operate using state-of-the-art wastewater treatment by an activated sludge plant, and its waste gases are made inert through an afterburning plant. The R&D and production team is constantly replacing and avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals and toxic solvents. “For us, reducing environmental costs is just a matter of innovating our processes,” Mr. Gargani says.

That attitude carries over into its human resources. Part of ERREGIERRE’s special nature comes from its commitment to its employees, many of whom have been with the company for decades. ERREGIERRE provides them excellent and safe working conditions as well as promotion and growth opportunities within their business.

ERREGIERRE plans to tinker with its current formula for success by adding new products to its spectrum and by exploring new markets for its ever-growing range of active ingredients. Yes, the success of this reaction is highly predictable: ERREGIERRE has the active ingredients to transform its customers’ business.

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