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Inspecting production with excellent vision


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Founded in 1989 when automation was in its infancy, Euresys was one of the first suppliers of inspection equipment in the market. Over the years, the company has developed increasingly sophisticated products to deal with the unrelenting march of automation. Euresys manufactures electronic cards which connect a camera to a computer.

“These are not just ordinary cameras, like those integrated into a laptop or computer,” emphasizes CEO Marc Damhaut, who has worked for the company since its foundation and, along with two partners, acquired Euresys in a management buyout in 2015. “They are very fast, high-resolution cameras which are specifically made for inspection purposes. The pixel count is extremely high. Our cards, which form an interface between the camera and the computer, enable high-resolution pictures to be taken for manufacturing control use. We provide the electronic cards and all the associated software. We don't supply the cameras; customers buy these from camera specialists according to their specific needs.”

Five years ago, Euresys was first on the market with CoaXPress technology and is today the market leader. Although the firm is not really in the security camera market, it has, in the past, provided boundary control and low-light solutions for the police and the military, and also offers a solution for military drones.

Customers for Euresys's products come from many different industries. Mr. Damhaut gives a typical example. “When smartphones or tablets are produced, inspection equipment is integrated into the production machinery,” he says. “It verifies that all the components have been installed correctly and checks for errors, creating many pictures per second. This ensures that the final product is free of defects.”

Headquartered in Belgium, Euresys also has sales offices in the USA, Singapore, Shanghai and Japan, and in 2017, the company acquired German firm Sensor to Image. It now employs a total of 70 staff and achieves an annual turnover of around 15.3 million EUR.

Marc Damhaut
Some 20 years ago, we won our first customer in Asia. Today we have customers worldwide. Marc Damhaut

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, Euresys finds itelf in a booming market. Automation is becoming the norm in many industries, and consequently the demand for inspection equipment is rocketing. “Some 20 years ago, we won our first customer in Asia,” Mr. Damhaut points out.

“Today we have customers worldwide. Ten years ago, production in China was of a relatively poor quality. Now many factories there are 100% automated, eliminating the possibility of human error; because of this, the quality of their products is, to some extent, better than in Europe. Our cards play an important role, and with the explosion of Industry 4.0, I see a very positive future for us.”

Euresys is determined to retain its position as market leader and in September will launch a new generation of CoaXPress cards which operate two times faster on the CoaXPress interface level. “There is a new trend for deep learning software, which leads to increased productivity,” reveals Mr. Damhaut.

“Another trend is for 3D pictures. We are currently incorporating both of these trends into our software.” Euresys's slogan is 'excellence in vision', and the company looks set to continue fulfilling this promise in the coming years.