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Finding peace for bodies that fight themselves


Providing unique products and services, Euro Diagnostica offers diagnostic solutions for autoimmune diseases, rare ailments and inflammation. It focuses primarily on rheumatology and the complement system, a key part of the immune system, and it has recently added gastroenterology to its core concentrations. Next in line are some interesting new products within the field of diabetes that will complement the existing product range.

“Research into diseases that are hard to diagnose and monitor is a fast-growing field,” says CEO Else Beth Trautner. The company offers diagnostic kits, assays and laboratory services to support its customers, such as clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and clinical laboratories, including hospital, reference labs and universities. The products can be used during every stage of drug development, from discovery to manufacturing – the entire value chain.

“We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf products,” adds Medical Affairs Manager Sten Gershagen. “But we also specialize in customizing and developing products based on our customers’ needs.” Clinical testing and other services for pharmaceutical companies and CROs are also available through the company’s in-house laboratory Wieslab.

The newest innovation in Euro Diagnostica’s portfolio is iLite™, a reporter gene assay platform of cells altered in such a way that they can be used for a range of testing applications. The cells are ready for use without cell culturing or maintenance, resulting in sizeable cost savings for customers. “This technology is highly advanced,” Mrs. Trautner says. “iLite™ will become a key product group for us.”

iLite™ cell lines allow a drug to be monitored for potency and efficacy, and the producing company can also examine the proper dosage for each patient, how the drug works - how it acts and reacts. “If a company wants to develop a drug, we can provide the cells for testing,” Mrs. Trautner explains. “These are genetically engineered cell lines, custom-made for a particular drug and can be used from the first phase of development.”

Euro Diagnostica was founded in 1992 through the merger of four companies. A series of acquisitions has allowed the company to grow, such as Wieslab, Vita Diagnostica and Biomonitor.

However, organic growth has not been enough, and Euro Diagnostica has expanded its service and technologies to complement its core business. “We added nephrology and gastroenterology to our competence areas,” Mrs. Trautner reveals. “With more knowledge we were able to offer corresponding products.”

The company is based in Sweden but also has a location in France. In addition there is a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors serving customers at a global level. “We are well established in the autoimmunity sector,” Mr. Gershagen says. “With Biomonitor we can now provide a full package of products and services.”

The company attends seminars and conferences, as well as trade fairs such as the Medica, to meet potential customers and learn about new developments in its sector. Euro Diagnostica then uses this information to build on its already-extensive project pipeline.

“New technologies – both those we develop ourselves and the ones we acquire – will be crucial in the coming years,” Mr. Gershagen says. “They will help us move to the forefront of the pharmaceutical sector and then hold our position there.”

A critical focus will be on CROs and the pharmaceutical industry. “We carefully identify their needs and really listen to what they want,” Mrs. Trautner highlights. “The development of commercial treatments for autoimmunity and inflammation will remain important, but we would like to move away from conventional buyer-seller relationships and begin working in partnerships with our customers.”

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