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Right on target


Since its inception in 1992, EuroTarget srl has produced seamless, creative marketing solutions for its clients, but the company’s biggest success story is quite possibly itself. EuroTarget’s co-founders, Vittorio Masoni and current CEO Raffaella Fidanza, had been working in the marketing department of a large, multinational company when they realized there was a lack of services specializing in below-theline marketing.

“There was a need for services that were different from pure advertising. From the user’s point of view, there were no solutions to the problems at hand. This is when we decided to start an agency able to provide turnkey marketing communication services,” Ms. Fidanza recalls.

Since 1992, EuroTarget has gone on to greatly increase in size and exposure, however, as Ms. Fidanza underlines: “Our mission back then is still what it is today: we transform creativity and services into integrated products, simplifying their complexity. Our specialty is looking for services at the raw materials stage – catering, hospitality, technology, and so on - to assemble them into tailor-made products for our clients.”

EuroTarget remains very clear about what makes it such a special company. “We have four business lines: events, direct marketing, incentives and promotions, and web solutions. The market recognizes our high competence in these areas,” Ms. Fidanza continues. “Moreover, we have some unique and personalized ways of dealing with our clients, such as our Intelligent EuroTarget system, a digital tool designed to manage incentive and loyalty programs. The product enables the customer to choose his prize, and this significantly reduces the promotion cost by cutting stock and surplus. It’s a way to bring something new to the market.”

Such innovative ideas are why EuroTarget prides itself on the unique advantages it extends to its clients. First-class service, expertise and enthusiasm also add to EuroTarget’s inventory of selling points. “We offer profound knowledge of the Italian territory, and novelties in the food and beverage industry, locations and entertainment,” says Ms. Fidanza.

The company is not only an asset in Italy though, with international heavy hitters such as BMW and Deutsche Bank as part of its clientele. In fact, Eurotarget is fast becoming a landmark for international customers when they choose Italy for their events or initiatives.

Ms. Fidanza looks forward to what the future has in store for EuroTarget, as well as what the company continues to offer its clients. “So far, we have had great success due to word-of-mouth and great management, but we are launching a website for our 25th anniversary in an effort to put our name out there even more,” she highlights. “Each day, we discover something new and adapt it to the modern world’s complexity. We really are multitasking in our job; we always find integrated solutions and we offer assistance for nearly everything, except traditional advertising. We have the capability to help our clients find new strategies because we are innovators, able to replace what is obsolete with new things and ideas.”

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