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The Eurogamma product range encompasses a wide range of standard systems that have been developed in-house over the years. The lifting systems have between 4 and 64 columns with a lifting power of 5 to 50 t per column. The individual jacks can be fixed or movable.

Individually tailored

In addition to all the required accessories, Eurogamma also supplies the central control unit with both hardware and software. The company’s speciality are lifting systems with twelve columns, which are particularly suited for buses and rolling stock. The company enjoys an excellent reputation, above all for its ability to adapt its systems individually to meet client needs. “We develop suitable solutions on the basis of customer specifications,” explains Project Manager Davide Tomasello. “We are in constant contact with the customer. Moreover, we never stand still. We are always conducting research into new development and additional after-sale services. That is an important factor that sets us apart from other manufacturers in this sector.”

In the digital domain, too, the company has its finger on the pulse of the times. The systems are compatible with Industry 4.0 and can be controlled remotely. The company’s client list contains rolling stock manufacturers, railway companies and operators, public transportation companies, maintenance companies, importers and distributors. The company serves customers in Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. In Europe, France and England are key markets followed by Italy and Switzerland.

“In our sector, it is very important to cultivate genuinely close customer relationships,” says Davide Tomasello. “Through our continuous contact with customers, we always have our ear to the market and hear about new trends and needs as they emerge. Industry exhibitions like the InnoTrans in Berlin, the Sifer in Lille or the Railtex in Birmingham are good platforms for us to show off our new products to an international audience.”

We never stand still. We are always conducting research into new development and additional after-sale services. Davide TomaselloProject Manager

With roots that go back to the 1980s, Eurogamma originally specialized in the sale of spare parts for the automotive and rail sector. Over the years, the company developed from an importer into a manufacturer and solutions integrator, finally coming to focus on lifting systems for buses, trains and trams. In 2012, it developed the strongest lifting platform in the world with a lifting capacity per column of 50 t. Numerous certifications attest to the safety of Eurogamma systems, which are all equipped with a proprietary patented safety module.

For the coming years, Davide Tomasello expects to see growth in the area of lifting systems for buses in particular. Further improvements in the area of rolling stock as well as the company’s ongoing internationalization are also important topics on the agenda. “We want to do something that never ends,” explains Davide Tomasello. “We want to keep getting better at what we do and keep on developing our products. New projects and new commercial and technical goals are, of course, also part of our future goals.”

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