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Redefining the diagnostic PPP model for the benefit of the patient


Founded in Budapest, Hungary, Euromedic International operates 135 diagnostic and cancer treatment centers in 15 countries around Europe. The company employs over 3,000 professionals, more than 700 of whom are medical doctors.

“Euromedic’s solid foundation, dating from the early days of change of the political systems in Central Eastern Europe, combined with the fundamental strength of our business model, has ensured the company’s rapid expansion and powerful investor backing,” explains Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO of Euromedic International.

Although the private-public partnership model has proven to be successful in Central Eastern Europe, the company had to redesign its care delivery model and value proposition in order to fit into the new paradigm of healthcare service provision.

Euromedic’s model is designed to provide value for all its stakeholders. These are patients, who experience the service; physicians, who refer patients for diagnostic imaging; and authorities of the public healthcare system, who regulate the operating environment and bear the cost of the service.

“Our core competencies are found in the provision of comprehensive services for the medical sector,” explains the CEO. “The Euromedic value proposition revolves around the revised PPP model, which consists of positive patient experience, proven medical outcome and performance improvement.

By focusing on these principles, we are able to provide value for both private-public partnerships and stand-alone centers.” Euromedic prides itself on being on the front line of investing in state-of-the-art technologies and high-end solutions for the healthcare market. Apart from employing professional doctors, this requires a significant amount of capital to be invested to keep up with the pace of technological advancements.

“We have a pan-European medical board with many renowned specialists from all over Europe who help us improve our medical outcome,” says Mr. Moulavasilis. “Training for medical doctors and technicians, standardized medical reports, tailormade IT solutions and professional providers of equipment form the basis of just some of our unique selling propositions.”

With more than four million patients a year, Euromedic is clearly one of the leading providers of imaging diagnostics in the European medical sector. “Euromedic professionals provide healthcare services with one common goal in mind: to create value for patients and the whole medical community. However, our success would not be possible without employing exemplary corporate governance and acting responsibly towards all stakeholders,” concludes Mr. Moulavasilis.

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