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Tailored travel insurance


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Being a part of the Ergo Group means that clients who work with Europaeiske Rejseforsikrings (European ERV), are insured and will receive the help they need even when unforeseen circumstances arise.

“We are part of one of the world’s leading reinsurers and risk carriers, which means we can provide our clients with a wide range of insurance and security products on several different markets, which in the end makes life easier for our clients,” explains David Kraul, Nordic Region COO of European ERV.

The firm offers travel insurance options for both private and business customers. Private customers have multiple packages to choose from, with each offering varying amounts of coverage. Things like injuries, illnesses, travel delays, evacuations and much more can be selected. For those that travel often, the annual insurance offers the best value for money.

Business clients can choose an annual option, a short-term option, an option when relocation is necessary for work and extras like coverage for technical equipment. Whether the traveller is a student, professional photographer or globetrotter, European ERV can help each person create a custom-made insurance plan that fits their needs for each trip.

Being the Nordic region’s market leader for travel insurance means we stay at the forefront of product development, maintain exceptional customer service and never compromise on quality. David KraulNordic Region COO

In addition to stand alone travel insurance, the business also has credit cards, which come equipped with travel insurance add-ons. Health insurance is another area that is available to European ERV’s clientele. “For customers suffering from a chronic illness or those that have a pre-existing condition, we work with them to fill out a medical advance commitment form,” states Mr. Kraul. This form helps the traveller know if and how various conditions are covered during the travel period.

Its comprehensive insurance packages and the many extras offered by European ERV resulted in the firm being honoured with the award for Travel Insurance of the Year in 2018 from Denmark’s largest travel insurance guide website.

Furthermore, the company was also selected as the winner in the Best Customer Reviews 2018 category. As it moves into the future, European ERV plans to continue serving customers and making their lives easier through its digital apps, call centers, award-winning products, dedicated staff and further portfolio development. “Satisfied customers are always our priority, and someone who is available to clients in need 24/7,” adds Mr. Kraul.

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