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The show must go on


With Alphastage, Europodium created a widely recognized brand for mobile stages that is synonymous with quality, professionalism, safety and reliability. Event managers and organizers all around the world are thrilled by extremely quick and uncomplicated set-ups and outstanding qualities that have been proven under severe weather conditions.

Europodium was founded in the Alsace region of France in 1994; ever since, it has constantly improved and adjusted its products and services to become one of the top performers in the market. An outstanding entrepreneurial vision is one of its trademarks.

“Behind Europodium’s foundation was a simple yet fundamental idea,” states President Koffi Atitso. “Back then, small villages and cities had no chance to organize concerts or other events as they had no proper venues. For this reason, our mobile stages are greatly appreciated. We talked to mayors and communities and they all loved our idea.”

Europodium started to design and manufacture stages and to rent them out. It was a successful concept – however, not the right one. “Our stages are high quality products and built to last,” says Mr. Atitso. “Even after 15 or 18 years, you can easily use them which is without doubt a good thing. However, we started thinking about a new business strategy. In 2001, we finally decided to sell rather than renting out.”

It soon turned out that Europodium had backed the right horse. After steady growth in France and abroad, the company has eleven employees today and annual sales of 3.8 million EUR. Exports make up 40% of sales.

“Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Africa are core markets these days,” sums up Mr. Atitso. “Thanks to successful partnerships with distributors in Oslo, Moscow and Zagreb, we have become one of Europe’s top market players.”

Europodium regularly sets new standards and operates as a role model in Europe – competitors never tire of copying the company’s products. “Our stages are simply second to none,” underlines Mr. Atitso. “First of all, they are developed to cater to the most diverse needs. The range includes sizes from 13 to 256 m². What really sets them apart is their quick installation and dismantling. Four people need no longer than three hours to set up one of our biggest stages. This was the reason why Alphastage was chosen for Macron’s speech. Everything went really fast and we were the only company able to set up a huge mobile stage in a limited time while meeting all safety requirements.”

Europodium’s flagships are the models Papillon and Alphastage. Papillon unfolds automatically while untowed – an installation takes no longer than a few minutes on a football field. With Alphastage 256, Europodium even presents the greatest moving podium in the world.

The stage has a length of 17 m – and still its installation is easy and quick. “As we want to satisfy all customer needs we offer both standard and customized solutions,” points out Mr. Atitso. “Our philosophy has always been to work out complete solutions. Given this, we put great emphasis on safety and care about the security of our technicians. Thankfully we can rely on huge expertise and know-how to guarantee maximum security. We constantly work on new projects and are thrilled to face new challenges in Europe and elsewhere. As open-air-festivals are booming in southern Europe this is a new market with great potential.”

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