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Enjoy the best wines from the Old World

Europvin S.A.S.

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It all started with Christopher Cannan in 1978. The founder of Europvin was a true visionary who saw the huge potential for wine exports to overseas distributors and wholesalers.

“This was the starting point, and from there we have built up our import activities, based on more than 2,200 references today. At the heart of our wine portfolio are 300 prominent brands, including high-end and medium-priced wines and sherries. A strong focus is on the great Bordeaux wines with wines coming from Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild, Châteaux Margaux, Domaine Marc Morey and others, and equally on a sherry from Lustau. Not to forget Vega Sicilia as one of our most iconic brands with varieties like UNICO of VALBUENA,” points out General Director Pedro López-Sors Alonso who joined forces with Europvin two years ago. “I like the international flair of our workplace. Our company still has a manageable size, yet we have built up a market presence that is hard to conquer when looking at the import business between France and the USA, for instance.”

Nevertheless, the exporter stocks a strong range of excellent Spanish wines as well as sherries. Retail prices for its wines start at 20 USD and go up to 1,200 USD easily.

“We take great care when selecting our wines. We have staff members for testing and selection. We do not aim at quantity but it is more about quality and creating added value. This is why we are quite selective in what we export,” adds Mr. López-Sors Alonso. “Europvin concentrates on creating brands, not just products. We aim at presenting a brand and carrying it in the global market.”

Europvin operates three major warehouses, one in Bordeaux, the other two in New Jersey and in Los Angeles, both in the USA. In addition, it has set up an affiliate company that is responsible for its US export activities. “This is quite important in order to provide small US distributors, who are not importers themselves, with the opportunity to be supplied directly from us,” says Mr. López-Sors Alonso.

Pedro López-Sors Alonso
We offer a portfolio of more than 2,200 references. Pedro López-Sors AlonsoGeneral Director

Today, Europvin generates a turnover of 17 million EUR, equalling a current growth rate of 18%. The company exports its wines all over the world, with the USA being its strongest market with a share of 60%, followed by Asia with 40%. Here, China is the most important country in the East.

“We sell our wines to importers. At first, we purchase the wine from the producers, store it in our warehouses and assemble containers for shipping. Or, when it comes to larger volumes, we offer direct export from the producer to the customer. Due to our two US warehouses, distributors can also purchase directly from us,” explains Mr. López-Sors Alonso.

Currently, the situation of trading with the USA has become quite bleak due to the trade war between the USA and Europe. The US government has levied a 25% duty on French and Spanish ( amongst other European countries) wines below 14% content of alcohol.

“However, we have found various ways to continue our US exports undisturbedly, holding our volumes and our current market position,” stresses Mr. López-Sors Alonso. “We intend to assist affected wineries to recover the loss from the application of the tariff through the implementation of commercial tools like tastings and listings, among others.”

Apart from the USA, China has emerged as the second major market in the past years, yet this giant is slightly trembling, and Europvin has encountered a recessing market that is guided by slow economic growth and stronger state regulations with regard to imports.

“We have been lucky to hold our position, and volumes have so far remained stable,” says Mr. López-Sors Alonso. “In the coming years, China and the USA will get our full attention. Both are markets with a huge potential, and for the next five years we predict a 6 to 10% growth. We already export to 70 countries, and we are convinced that there is still potential in other regions. For instance, we are already strong in South China but we can still generate growth in North China. We have established good contacts with customers in Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand but we still see potential for overall growth.” Europvin is prepared for actively challenging the future ahead and eager to export its wines and sherries as well as its passion for excellent wine qualities abroad.

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