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Small bean, big impact


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EUROSOY GmbH and its sister company SOJA AUSTRIA, a leading producer of non-GMO soy products, are both part of the family-owned Bamberger Group in Austria. Founded in 2000 as the exclusive sales partner for the German market, EUROSOY is now also responsible for sales of SOJA AUSTRIA products throughout Europe as well as markets in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

“We specialize in the distribution of soy-based products for the food industry,” says Managing Director Stefan Bender. “These range from soya flour and protein concentrates for the baked goods sector to textured vegetable protein for the convenience food industry. All are made from non-GMO soya and many of our products are also certified organic.”

Although consumers are increasingly turning their backs on a meat-based diet, there is still demand for foods that mimic the texture and flavour of meat.

“The market for meat substitutes is growing strongly on the back of trends surrounding sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare concerns,” describes Mr. Bender. “A lot of research and development work is going into creating products that look and taste like the meat items that are now off the menu for many people.”

Here, EUROSOY is part of an expanding supply chain. “Our key strengths are our quality products, reliability and reactivity,” outlines Mr. Bender. “The products we supply from our parent company all hold the relevant quality certificates and are produced to the highest possible standards. We are exclusive suppliers to the food industry and do not supply the animal feed sector.”

This specialism allows EUROSOY to advise its clients on questions around the use of soy products as a replacement for meat. “The market for textured vegetable protein (TVP) is expected to grow strongly in the future,” notes Mr. Bender. “Consumer demand for a tasty alternative to resource-intensive meat products is already rising steeply and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.”