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Toll road savings made simple


The transport business is extremely competitive, and minimizing costs is central to success. In Western Europe, motorway tolls make up 7% of the overall transportation cost. In Eastern Europe the impact is even more dramatic: Up to 20% of the cost structure is attributed to road tolls.

For companies servicing pan-European routes, dealing with the payment requirements of each individual country is complex and time-consuming. eurotoll takes the stress out of the process for its customers with an accounting system that not only produces a single invoice per month covering all countries but also analyses road usage and advises on ways to save time and money.

The invoicing system has recently scored nine out of ten points from a major European transport company for its efficiency and innovative IT system.

“Customers use either a badge or a form of credit card in the vehicle, and we submit one invoice each month, covering 29 tolled motorways across Europe,” says Sales and Marketing Director Nadi Kanaan. “We also manage the benefits that are earned by customers from the various motorway loyalty programmes where rebates and refunds are awarded according to frequency of use. Very often toll charges are higher than estimated in transport quotations, resulting in unrecoverable costs. Our system can provide a comparison of predicted versus actual costs and advice on how routes can be optimized, leading to significant cost savings for our customers.”

Users can select the model that best suits their needs. They can choose to limit coverage to certain countries or take Europe-wide service. Advanced technology means that the invoice and analysis processes can be integrated directly into customers’ own ERP systems, including the commonly used Transport Management System (TMS), therefore saving administration time.

Geolocation, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, is available through the company’s innovative Tribox Air, which also makes toll payments and provides analysis, ranging from simple activity reports to detailed and fully integrated data relating to tolls and taxes through EDI and web-based services.

Using Tribox Air, transport managers are able to optimize the use of the fleet and control costs. eurotoll even deals with VAT administration on behalf of its customers through its tax authority partnerships. eurotoll operates on a B2B basis, primarily with transport companies – from small firms to international concerns – with service options for both cars and HGVs.

It currently has 160,000 payment means across Europe and handles 600 million EUR in toll payments every year. The company is headquartered near Paris with a further customer service center in France, and branches in Hungary and Poland.

It also works with other distributors to provide comprehensive coverage across Europe. Mr. Kanaan sees tremendous opportunities for further growth.

“We are clearly focused on Europe at the moment, particularly the development of Germany and Poland,” he explains. “Belgium is also an interesting market for us as its technical and legal requirements are changing. In the future, we may consider expanding our operation to other continents.”

Further technical developments are also on the agenda. “We were recently awarded accreditation as a European Electronic Toll Service provider,” concludes Mr. Kanaan. “This is an important step in the direction of fully interoperative technology.”

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