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Ideas turning into products


“We consider ourselves to be a kind of link between steel production and the end user,” sums up Managing Director Eufrasio Anghileri. “Basically, we are a supermarket for metal products, turning customer ideas into semi-finished metal products such as laminates, tubes, wire rods and coils. In a nutshell, we transform steel to make products ready to be used by the end user.”

Eusider is able to achieve this goal thanks to the latest technologies, fundamental know-how and committed employees. The company was founded in 1979 as a steel service center by Angelo Carcianiga, and Antonio and Eufrasio Anghileri.

Today, the fourth generation of the Anghileri family is already involved in the business. Eusider owns three steel companies: Iron Service in Ravenna, Metal Tubi in Bagnatica and Lima close to Monza. With a workforce of 250 employees, Eusider generates annual revenues of 320 million EUR.

“Today, we sell around 600,000 t of steel,” says Mr. Anghileri. “Our product range includes 15 different products created on state-of-the-art machinery. We have one pickling plant, seven slitters, four flattening machines, two draw benches, 15 hacksaws, one former, one sandblasting machine, two HD plasma cutting machines and three oxy cutting machines for a maximum thickness of 600 mm. We also stock around 300,000 t of steel to ensure high flexibility. In this way, we are able to offer effective tailored customer service.”

Customers are small, medium and large steel processing companies operating in the automotive industry, electronic household appliances, and the building and construction industry.

Eusider has long gained a solid reputation both in Italy and abroad. Exports account for 25% of sales, with Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco as the most important markets.

“Customers know that they can rely on impeccable quality,” stresses Mr. Anghileri. “We not only have ISO 9001 certification; each coil is also tested in our laboratory.”

Quality, integrity and service orientation have spurred Eusider’s constant success. The company is Italy’s number five and ready to further push forward its position.

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