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30 years of customer focus


Everel produces and supplies electronic and electromechanical components and custom subsystems, mainly for household appliances, professional equipment and automotive applications.

The product range consists of switches, selectors, encoders, motors and ventilation units, signal lights, electromechanical sub-systems (with or without electronic control) and automotive switches. The company provides catalogue and custom-made solutions for both major appliances (such as cooker hoods, cooktops, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers or refrigerators) and small appliances (such as hairdryers, coffee machines, kitchen robot or vacuum cleaners).

“Our products can be customized and combined to satisfy different Market needs: starting from our core business household appliances – large, small and professional appliances – we serve automotive industry with a wide selection of switches for air-conditioning units, ventilators, door handles, sliding doors and other car parts. We are present also in the Markets of heating and ventilation, gardening and outdoor, healthcare” says Marketing Manager Dr. Cristiana Rondini.

Everel marks its products by seven highly recognized brands: Molveno, Giem, Dreefs, Kautt&Bux, Signal Lux, Mec-Tronic, Everel. The company manufactures over 100 million electronic and electromechanical products annually at three  production sites in Italy (headquarter), Germany and Romania.

The Group employs a total of 650 people, turns over 48 million EUR and counts on a global network of Key Account Managers, Distributors and Sales Representatives. Everel holds 89 international patents and 36 registered trademarks.

Founded in 1987, Everel is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Its history, however, goes back much farther: to the A. Cometti company established in 1909. “The last three decades have been a constant process of technological innovation and customer orientation,” explains Dr. Rondini. “Everybody in Everel is responsible for customer satisfaction. This applies to everyone from the management to every person who works in the company.”

Everel’s mission is to offer individual advice and made-to-measure product solutions. “In many cases, we are involved in co-design projects with the customer in order to provide 100% customized components that perfectly meet our clients’ expectations and requirements,” Dr. Rondini describes the customerfocused philosophy of Everel. “30 years ago, we were a parts manufacturer. Today, we are a solution provider.”

Everel is not only a highly customer-oriented business but also a highly international one. “We have around 400 customers in 55 countries worldwide,” states Dr. Rondini. “We ship 70% of our products abroad. Our main export markets are Poland, Turkey, Germany, Spain and the USA.”

The product catalogue of Everel comprises more than 3,000 electromechanical part numbers, with many products available in different sizes, colors and dimensions. “Our extensive product range, by eight different business lines, allows us to offer a pretty wide portfolio to match most of our customers’ needs from a single source,” Commercial Director Nicola Marianucci describes the major customer benefit offered by Everel.

The company also has its own research and development team which is constantly transforming the newest technologies into effective customer solutions, such as infrared switches for kitchen appliances. Everel puts great emphasis on efficient external and internal communication.

“We are in continuous touch with our customers, our employees and representatives all over the world and the press,” says Dr. Rondini. “Internal communication is important as we want our employees to develop and grow.”

At the occasion of its 30th anniversary this year, Everel is organizing a festive event at the company’s main site in Valeggio sul Mincio in the northern Italian province of Verona. “It will be a big party for our employees and their families, including a guided company tour,” concludes Dr. Rondini.

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