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Building a sustainable future


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The company appeals widely to clientele in the construction sector, because it is a one-stop-shop. “We offer the entire installation package, so customers do not need a separate firm for every stage of the building process,” says Christian Rolf, CEO. Services provided by Exengo include lighting, electrical and telesystem, energy, control and automation, security, technical project management, sanitation, training services and environmental consultation.

Energy and environmental services are a special focus for the firm. “Here, in Sweden we have new laws aimed at reducing energy consumption by 20% per year,” explains Mr. Rolf. Due to this, the consultants work with the architects from the beginning in order to fulfil all energy and environment related goals. Things like geothermal energy, solar panels, buildings with proper ventilation, access to natural light, and more are some examples of what the business helps its clients incorporate into their new or existing structures.

Christian Rolf, CEO of Exengo Installationskonsult AB
Sweden has become a role model for sustainable building, partially due to the huge fluctuations in temperatures the country experiences throughout the year. We meet this challenge head-on. Christian RolfCEO

Other than its green energy and building approach, customers want to work with Exengo, because it remains a smaller firm that can offer a lot of individual assistance. The company has 65 employees, operates under a flat organizational structure and has offices located in the city center. The firm also has a highly educated staff that continually get more training to stay as up-to-date as possible. “Additionally, our consultants offer their expertise to the next generation by giving lectures and workshops at local universities,” adds Mr. Rolf. New clients are mostly secured through word-of-mouth and personal relationships the consultants have built up over the years. The firm’s reputation speaks for itself.

In the future, the company is thinking of expanding within Sweden, mostly to the Uppsala and Gothenburg regions. Customer service and care also top the list.

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