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Extruco specializes in thermoplastic extrusion. Based in Anderlecht in the Brussels-Capital Region, the company manufactures high-quality PVC profiles in all shapes and sizes. In addition to standard and custom-engineered extrusion-moulded parts for industrial applications, the portfolio includes consumer products such as PVC flooring and wall panelling for commercial and residential buildings.

Established as a manufacturer of lead profiles for multicoloured glass windows in 1928, Extruco has developed into one of the leading Belgian suppliers of PVC profiles. The Aqua-Step line of flooring and wall panel products is 100% waterproof and recyclable, free from formaldehyde emissions, easy to install and accounts for 25% of the total business of Extruco.

“Our main product are customer-specific profiles that we offer in all kinds of geometries and sizes and with any desired surface treatment,” says Managing Director Catherine Stillemans. “Our profiles are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from furniture and vehicles to construction and kitchen worktops.”

Extruco ships 90% of its products abroad. “Our main market is Europe but we have customers in Japan and the USA, too,” states Ms. Stillemans. “We are very flexible in meeting individual demands.”

We are working on integrating Internet-of-Things applications into our profiles. Catherine StillemansManaging Director

In prototyping, Extruco uses modern 3D printing technology. To reduce its environmental footprint, the company has a rooftop photovoltaic plant, which meets 30% of the total energy needs. “We are also part of the EU Horizon 2020 initiative aimed at promoting innovation in medium-sized enterprises,” says Ms. Stillemans. “In this context, we are working on integrating Internet-of-Things applications into our profiles. Digitization will not just be an additional tool, but completely change the nature of our products.”

In the long term, Extruco wants to achieve a balance between profiles and consumer products. “We see significant potential for our flooring and wall panelling systems, especially in the hotel and hospital sectors,” concludes Ms. Stillemans.

Our Long term policy is to become a reliable partner as well for semi- finished products B to B as for readymade consumer goods B to C

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