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A strong partner for pharmaceutical and health and beauty companies


The roots of Famar Health Care Services date back to 1949, when the company was founded as a family business in Athens. Over the years, the company has established long-term partnerships with its customers.

Since 1990 Famar has expanded its production and presence in Europe and has become one of the most sought-after partners for leading players in the pharmaceutical and health and beauty industries.

“We supply our products to customers in more than 120 countries worldwide,” says Chief Operating Officer Jeff Morrod. “In the future, we are aiming to expand our international presence even further, becoming active in the US market thanks to the acquisition of FDA-approved facilities.”

Famar produces pharmaceuticals as well as health and beauty products on behalf of its clients. When necessary, the company helps its customers with the development process and offers additional services such as packaging, logistics and supply chain solutions.

“Due to new regulations, the processes and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex,” explains Mr. Morrod. “In addition, the products are becoming more sophisticated, and manufacturing practices call for operational excellence on the one hand and a constant extension of technological capacity and know-how on the other. We have the knowledge and the machinery to support our clients in fulfilling the industry’s growing demands.”

The company produces branded products, OTC drugs, generics, and health and beauty items according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The products can be manufactured in liquid, powder and tablet form, as a capsule, eye drops and nasal spray, and in a sterile condition for injections.

They are manufactured at Famar’s eleven factories in Europe using state-of-the-art machinery. Famar is among the five leading producers of pharmaceuticals and health and beauty products around the globe.

The firm works with internationally active companies, and currently products are distributed to Europe, Asia and Africa as well as North and South America. In the near future, the group plans to enter the North American market.

“We are buying a new production facility in Madrid, which already holds an FDA certificate,” states the COO. “This gives us an entry into the market. In addition, we already have another deal – signed and sealed – to buy a facility in Canada which also has FDA approval for the American market.”

This gives Famar the ability to fulfil the needs of its internationally active clients and also offers opportunities to enter new markets. The firm is planning further growth through acquisitions and mergers with other companies in the pharmaceutical sector and will continue to convince its customers with good quality, competitive prices, reliability and exceptional service, offering added value to leading players in the pharmaceutical and health and beauty industries.

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