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Standing apart in office furnishings


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CEO Massimiliano Giacomelli has three primary goals for his company. The first is a solid relaunch of Faram’s brands in cooperation with a major PR agency. The second is a relaunch of the product range, which covers two product groups: partitions made from aluminum and glass, and office furniture.

All of the company’s products incorporate high Internet connectivity. With these high-quality goods, the company has won tenders for Samsung in Milan, Ferrari and Kuwait University’s College for Women. “The project for Kuwait University was the largest in our company’s history and was worth five million EUR,” Mr. Giacomelli notes.

One of Faram’s latest innovations is the modular, flexible furnishing system Bahlara, which was launched at an event in February. A second event will take place on 19 September at the Italian Chamber of Architects. 300 architects have been invited from abroad. A new series of partitions will be presented in February of next year.

“We always choose February because the Orgatech in Cologne is long over, but it’s still a few months until the Salone del Mobile in Milan,” Mr. Giacomelli explains. “All spotlights should be focused on our latest products when we present them.”

The CEO’s third goal is the accentuated expansion of the company’s presence abroad while maintaining a strong presence in Italy. Export activities began in the 1970s, first to France, Germany and the UK, and later to the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

“We view ourselves as an international company based in Italy, not as an Italian company that exports,” Mr. Giacomelli says. “Quality made in Italy is in demand, so we produce in house. It keeps us more competitive. It means our products offer a sense of well-being in the workplace for our customers. We speak a language that’s spoken across all markets.”

Massimiliano Giacomelli
Our strategy is to have sites in the markets that are of greatest interest to us. Massimiliano GiacomelliCEO

Faram has its headquarters with its production site in Giavera del Montello, Italy, as well as sales offices in Rome and Milan, and an office in Paris. “I’m in New York right now to settle our business here,” the CEO adds. “We’ll be opening a site here in the fall. It’s part of our strategy to have sites in the countries that are of greatest interest to us.”

This is also why Faram will be setting up a country manager for Germany. “The German-speaking market is the most important in Europe,” Mr. Giacomelli continues. “It’s the largest with a total sales volume of 500 million EUR. We know Germany well and have many customers there. We want to increase our sales and enhance our presence there.”

Other markets with strong future prospects for the company include Russia and the Far East. As the name implies, Faram 1957 was founded in 1957 by Umberto Bacilieri. The most important steps in the company’s development revolve around design, innovation, technology or new markets.

In 2014, Faram was acquired by the international holding company Aliante. At the time of the acquisition, rigourous restructuring and a brand relaunch were part of the package. The CEO was appointed to his position at that time to speed up the process.

Today Faram has 80 employees, and with business growing, the company is due to see an influx of staff. “We’re very grateful to our staff. I can only do so much on my own as CEO. There are countless other people who are dedicated to our company who get things done,” Mr. Giacomelli concludes.

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