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Come fly with me


The company was founded in 1993 as part of its parent company’s ambitions to enter markets in Eastern Europe. “Farnair Switzerland with almost 30 years of history holds the majority of our shares since 1993,” explains László Molnár, managing director at Farnair Hungary. “At peak times, we had eleven aircraft in operation, six Fokker F-27 and five Let L410. At present, we operate two Beechcraft 1900s, a 2 t payload twin-engine turboprop fixed-wing regional aircraft. This year, we will also include Boeing 737s in our fleet.”

Currently, a team of 20 people, including pilots and administration clerks, guarantees for smooth transports and on time deliveries to our customers’ hubs. “On charter basis, we rent our airplanes to large logistics companies like TNT, UPS, DHL and FEDEX,” states the managing director. “While large aircrafts ensure transports of high volumes to main airports and hubs, we are responsible for freight forwarding flights on feeder routes. Basically, our services are needed where the cargo volume no longer claims large capacities.”

In terms of marketing and sales, the company relies on its parent company in Switzerland. Besides serving the integrators, Farnair is also a top service provider on the ad-hoc market. “If there is a need for urgent freight forwarding, charter brokers collect price proposals submitted by airlines,” says Mr. Molnár. “Finally, the broker, in cooperation with the client, decides which offer to accept.”

Additionally, Farnair Switzerland also manages all maintenance works. “For reasons of cost, this procedure was introduced in 2007,” explains the managing director. “Needless to say, that Farnair is approved according to EASA Part-145, the European maintenance organization approval for aircraft.”

For the time to come, Farnair Hungary aims at generating new customers outside Europe. “The European economy is stagnating,” states Mr. Molnár. “In emerging economic regions, on the other hand, we see great potential, for example in the Far East, Middle East or Africa.”

Nevertheless, price wars are a big issue for all providers. “Concerning this matter, we have to focus on our high level of services,” summarizes the managing director. “We are a premium provider that offers absolutely reliable express transports. In the logistics system, every connection flight has to be reached – this service is guaranteed by us.”

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