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Warm up or cool down: a firm for all seasons


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Founded in 1948, the family concern has a long history in plastics, initially as a wholesale supplier and later as a manufacturer. In the 1970s, Fashy earned recognition as the first company in the world to produce hot water bottles made from thermoplastic resin.

Today, the business operates in two distinct fields. The company is still one of the world’s leading suppliers of hot water bottles, which now come in many shapes, sizes and colours and, for children, are even disguised as cuddly toys. In more recent years, a range of heat packs with different fillings have been added to the portfolio. These come in different sizes to suit, for example, the neck, the shoulders, and the back, and can be used both warm and cold to bring relief of muscular tensions or to create a general feeling of relaxation and well-being.

The other half of Fashy’s broad portfolio consists of products for the hot, sultry days of summer. The company produces a range of attractive swimwear for all the family, together with accessories such as sandals, beach and aqua shoes, beach bags, bathing caps, goggles, beach toys, and much more.

“Our two product segments are known as ‘all about water’ and ‘warmth for well-being’,” underlines Managing Director Wolfgang Kraus, who represents the third generation of the family and, together with his older brother Volker, now leads the firm. “We manufacture the majority of our products ourselves, either here in Germany or at our production unit in Vietnam. This means, firstly, we have extensive knowledge of materials and production methods and, secondly, we have full control over quality and can also respond to new customer requirements.”

Another factor which has contributed to Fashy’s success is its family culture and the management’s hands-on approach to operational aspects of the business. “It is important to be grounded,” says Mr. Kraus. “We all try to motivate each other, especially in relation to new developments.” This has been especially important as digitization has created new communication channels for staff and customers.

Wolfgang Kraus
“We see it as our job to make an active contribution to the conservation of natural resources and prevent the waste mountain from growing any further.” Wolfgang KrausManaging Director

“Not all customers use online communication methods yet, but this will be a central theme for all middle-sized firms in the future. I don’t think online sales will replace high-street stores completely, because human contact will always be valued,” Mr. Kraus points out.

Another factor at the core of Fashy’s business is sustainability and the environment. “For our MARE BLU swimwear range, we use material made from recycled plastic waste collected from the sea,” reveals the Managing Director. “It is crucial to conserve natural resources and prevent the waste mountain from growing. Our goal is to develop our use of recycled materials and grow organically, in order to strengthen our position in the European market.”