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Creating new space


The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly. Shopping via mouse click saves time and is convenient. Online shops are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and prices are often more attractive than in a physical store.

Both new Internet companies and traditional retailers face the challenge of finding the appropriate storage methods to meet ever-growing market demands and customer expectations. Companies such as Feralco are benefitting from the increasing demand for reliable logistics systems.

“Consumers have changed their shopping habits significantly due to growing digitalization,” explains Stéphane Daveau, Managing Director of Feralco. “Shopping online used to be a novelty; now it is a common part of the shopping experience. This new shopping behaviour entails an increasing demand for logistic centers that are equipped with reliable storage and shelving systems – and this is exactly what Feralco offers.”

Feralco is a well-established player in the market and banks on huge expertise. Founded in 1954, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. For 61 years now, Feralco has developed and produced shelving and storage systems to meet the most diverse customer needs.

Today, the company is part of Averys, an international group that is widely recognized for the conception, production and installation of storage systems such as racks and metal furniture.

Averys consists of eleven multi-brand companies, has more than 1,300 employees in France, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic and China, commercial sites in eleven countries around the globe and turnover of 400 million EUR. Given this, Averys is the second-largest player in Europe and one of the world’s leaders. Its product range is known for being the widest for all kinds of storage and filing needs.

Being part of this high-performing group is an important asset for Feralco. The company is headquartered in Sézanne and has an office in Paris that is responsible for everything related to the Paris region and distribution purposes. With a workforce of 100 employees, Feralco generates turnover of 50 million EUR.

Exports to Germany, the Maghreb and countries in Northern Europe account for 10% of sales. “Our integrated solutions set us apart from the market,” says Mr. Daveau. “Our guideline has always been to give space its full dimension. Therefore, we produce a complete range of shelving and storage systems that meet customers’ individual needs from different industrial sectors. On behalf of our customers, we want to find the right product for their specific logistics needs. As the whole manufacturing process is located in Sézanne, every production step from welding to colouring and assembling is strictly controlled.”

Certifications such as ISO EN 1090 underpin Feralco’s high quality standards. Feralco’s products are perfect solutions for all different kinds of storage needs from pallets to individual products. The company is equipped with the latest top-notch production technologies and uses different kinds of metal depending on the specific purpose.

“We mainly work for big distribution companies,” adds Mr. Daveau. “Among them are food companies, DIY, materials distributors and many others. After all, we place a strong focus on the logistics industry and its special needs.”

Feralco’s great plus is its extreme flexibility. “We offer products of outstanding quality backed by several certifications,” underlines Mr. Daveau. “Last but not least, we listen to customers because we want to fully understand their individual needs. We define individual parameters before we work out first drafts. This builds the basis for customized solutions. We put great effort into products that are safe and easy to deal with. Ergonomic aspects play a crucial role nowadays. Our aim is to provide systems that make storing and unloading really easy. Our racks need to be absolutely safe; they ensure compliance with safety regulations and reduce the chances of possible damage and injury.”

Although Feralco operates in a flourishing market, it is also highly competitive. “Due to the economic crisis, sales have been sluggish,” says Mr. Daveau. “Prices have been under massive downward pressure. Despite this difficult situation, the market is still dynamic; as a result of growth in our e-commerce business, it is even growing, especially in terms of logistics. However, market conditions have become more complex, and winning new orders and customers can be challenging. Competition is fierce, but we are well prepared.”

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